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file tips??


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just curious, as I got in a couple orders at my hobby shop for some diamond files & regular files + a file cleaner. Really want these files to last this time around so any tips would be great.


espically for diamond files since I read on here they seem to work pretty good, really want them to work as well as I first use them, thus any tips on those would be great.


Also the file cleaner (it's the wire brush on a wood paddle type), how do I go about using that correctly, does it clean with both strokes or just the pull stroke when cleaning.


Also I recall lubricating files, what a good lube ( :blink: ) to use for that, something I've never done with files.


thanks, got in a bunch of goodies as well, including a kinda of a Ott light lamp, a finger maginfier (one of those WHY DIDN'T I think of that kinda of things), some new pin vices, finally my handle with a spike, that Flynn let me use at Rcon (neither shops had it so I special ordered it) for opening up MSP bottles, & my new Iwata Rev airbrush!!!


of course some of the stuff I didn't pick up but I will eventually (mainly just the files & pin vise stuff)




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I'm interested in the answers as well as I use a standard ole steel rat-tail that I clean one of two ways:


I use a sharp point or exacto to cut along the grooves to loosen build-up OR I use a wire brush on a dremel to lightly scrape it off. I tend to kill my files by using them to pry things waaay before I dull them out...


So, I'll second RM's request/query!

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Diamond files don't require any special cleaning. Just be sure to use water as a lubricant, and don't let the files rub against each other.


For regular files, a brass brush, or file card will do the trick. Just brush along the grooves.


I do have a cut 8 file that is absolutely impossible to clean--the grooves are finer than a single wire of a wire brush. I have yet to find a file card small enough to clean it, but a small brass brush does get it somewhat clean.

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