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Reaper is missing marketing opportunities


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Guys! Come on! Someone has totally beat you to the punch -






Get out there! Scour the parking lot and the surrounding area for things to sell! We want Reaper Limited Edition "Pieces of Taltos" blister packs. ;)

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You have to wonder what the conversation was like in the board room when this idea was floated:


Lackey: "Sir, we have a proposition for a new item."

Boss: "Let's hear it. Time is money and you've already cost me too much just waiting while you suck up my precious oxygen."

Lackey: "Sir, we think this is actually brilliant. We know how mindless people are for our product, and how they will pay obscene amounts of money for anything coming in packaging with our logo because it's Official."

Boss: "Time you wretch, you're wasting it."

Lackey: <Pulls out graphs and flow charts on poster board> "Well sir, you see, I have this cousin, that works at a Home Supply Store, and they got this extra gravel they need to get rid of."

Boss: "I don't give a fig about your cousin. If you can't make me thousands of dollars in the next minute, I am going to have your head and mount it on a pike."

Lackey: (flustered) "Well sir, you see, we can get 100's of cubic yards of gravel for a thousand dollars"

Boss: "Thousands!!! You have seconds now! <Reaches for Sword under table>

Lackey: "Sirwesticktheminabaggiewithourlogoandsellittokidsforlikeadollarastone."

Boss: "Gentlemen, meet our new VP of Marketing."



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And here I thought they hit an all time low with the 40 dollar aquarium plants. One has to wonder how many steps left of reality they live?

Seriously, I totally expect to see the Brooklyn Bridge to be put up on their webstore one of these days.

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