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Dark Realm 6mm


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These slipped off my radar, but the second wave is already out, and they look really nifty.




More painted pics:




DIfferent scale to collect, not enough time to paint the things I have now, no one to game with, etc. I'm sure these will find their way into my closet of shame.

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I am getting more and more of these things, and while I may be a little biased, I think that they are excellent quality. My only problem so far is that bases are not included with the infantry, but this is slowly being worked out. I have growing Kraytonian and Andrayada forces.


6mm is my preferred scale (so CAV minis seem huge for me!) and they are very nice to paint up. For a size comparrison, check out the thread on the DRM forum here: http://darkrealmminiatures.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=210


I have a few packs of these, and I know the guy running the show, so if you have any questions then please feel free to ask.



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Sorry for the delay on this...


Andrayada dropship:

82mm long

47mm at widest point (28mm wide fuselage)

30mm tall to the top of the fins (22 to top of fuselage)


Human Dropship:

76mm long

70mm at widest point (48mm fuselage)

38mm tall to top of fins (24mm to fuselage top)


Hope that this helps.


There will apparently be more (the third race, the Kraytonians are due one, too).

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Defiance* would have done the 6mm minis too, you know. (Actually, why not use 6mm stuff and convert all ranges to cm? For infantry, make each stand represent an individual with multiple wounds and add a longish extra range bracket to all weapons.... that's roughly what Defiance does, I can't see why it wouldn't work.)


*Ha! I had to say that. It's more geared to heavy gear/ BT than Epic as far as I know.


To get back to the topic:


http://www.commandhorizon.com/ Command Horizon, largely conventional scifi in 6mm.


http://ironwindmetals.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=16 Battletech. It has vehicles and quite a selection of infantry you know.


http://www.nobleknight.com/ follow the links to MAATAC, which has big 6mm scale vehicles representing "Ogre" style giant tanks.


There's another company doing 6mm in a slightly Epic style, they have future hoplites in power armour in their range. Can't remember who it is though.

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Well, I do know that Serg has a few painted Andys done now!


The 6mm scifi market is generally in a healthy state, compared to a couple of years ago.


The other maker that you are thinking of are Exodus Wars. There are also the old favourites, GZG, etc. The Command Horizon line is actually and extension and resculpt (in some cases) of the Gladiator range, and some of the forthcoming Centaur minis look very cool - kind of antlike.


Anyway, I can also say that DRM has some really nice alien vehicles and infantry arriving shortly. The infantry in particular are very detailed and give a good impression of nasty beasts, even in 6mm.


I also have a fair few Battletech items. I have found them to be varied in quality and scale, but there are some excellent units if you pick them right.


PS: Have you guys seen the new alien terrain from DRM?



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*starts investigation to see if smokingwreckage is on MJ12's payroll* ::P::lol:

Actually, I've seen a few threads on the THW group messages about using 6mm figs with 5150, but nothing solid yet.


The DRM models are well sculpted. Mold lines on those infantry were comparable with any of the big name mini companies, just took me a while to get all 40 in the blister cleaned up. I highly recommend them if you're looking for 6mm.

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