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Emmel Eitch

1.2 Data Cards

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We have updated the ReaperGames.com Data Card section with the most current versions of the back of the Data Cards.


There have been some changes to:

Model Cost

Model type

Stats and SAs in some few cases


Cost Changes reflect our new (as of the Nefsokar book) unified database constructed for Reaper by Mad Pat and Matt Ragan. Models that have had no other changes besides cost were simply being incorrectly charged previously.


Changes outside of simple points adjustments have been made in extreme cases where models were not being used because of poor stats, weren't in line with what they should of had, or were too powerful and presented an inbalance in play.


These changes are official effective immediately.


Please discuss individual changes (like the soul cannon getting gun) in individual threads rather than this one please.


Thank you everyone for supporting Warlord, and happy gaming with the 1.2 Data Cards


Double E

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