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The Pain Cage (1.2)

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Imo the Spawn is a big enough hammer. And just with his burrow ability he can affect a game. In one game I was controlling where 2 troops of elves moved because he was afraid of where my burrower would pop up.


Yeah, he's more of a Sherman than a Tiger, really.


You can probably fit both in, or take two Spawn, if you jigger things right. But to be honest, he isn't your hammer, he's your shepherd. The Fodder are your hammer.

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Can't wait to see the resculpted warriors though.

Ditto... and please please please let there be at least one female Isiri Warrior and Archer. Androgenous guys don't count, either!

maybe im going mad but isnt one of the warriors female, has a bustier type top and (very small ) breasts although could be "man boobs" i guess! :devil: Her face also looks quite feminine?Other than that i agree new Javolith cool and are they definately resculptin archers too, if so when? also what about Vysa, she a little big compared to other spawn IMH(noob!)O

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