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Glory of Payanak (1.2)

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well, one of the biggest issues is, that we have a choice. We can either use Aura of thorns to help make sure we survive the melee or we can not use it in hopes to have the extra action to feed the young.


One or the other needs to be an automatic thing, not a waste an action doing thing. And since Dwarves already have the bane (auto cou which translates to feed the young) then I would say it should be the aura f thorns. It should not require us to waste an action to have it. It is limiting enough to say it only activates if we are already in b2b contact and initiating the combat (that is it is still only good for going against defensive strikes of opponents).


Yes, I could wait and do it the next turn, but no, I dont tend to stand around on those next turns..


Having the Aura as an automatic thing is a bit over the top IMHO but the ability is a bit lame compared to other factions . I'd like to see it being avalable all the time thus you have to make a choice , either get the armor bonus or move quickly .

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I see this as being the best option. It fits well with our "core" troop being a DV11 shield wall, it would be great for holding objectives (DV13 + deflect :wub: ) and it would ounter act our greatest problem of the rest of our troops, that they drop too easily. And it wouldn't effect the other end of the scale too much as most still nead a 10 to hit them (e.g. Uru, Krung) with or with our the +2. Despite this lack of effective change, it's still fun giving Uru GMA and in the cases where you get the chance to use the aura yelling "fear my DV18 of doom!!! :grr: ", even if this has only happend once :down: .

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Just a quick battle report: I ran the same list as last week tonight against Nefsokar. Obviously, a mage, even with LME, was certainly not optimal against the "Sokar is Near" SA, and it showed; Ssudai's Fireball took out only a single target. Otherwise, the battle played out fairly evenly, and it came down to a wounded Krung and Ssudai vs. Netikerti and a Tomb Guard. I lost.


I think if I'd made the changes in my build to field Ra'am instead of Ssudai, and used the extra points to take Uru, I would have probably walked through this battle pretty well.



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I took the list Shakandara posted and tried it out myself with some rather nice results. Ssudai dropped his fireball right in the middle of the bull orcs and luckily took out four of them. The one unit of breakers were wiped out by the archers but in killing them they ignored the swamp cow who slammed into them and did the hokey pokey on their bodies. Varaug walked through Chai like wet tissue but in turn got mauled by the MAV 4 breakers backing him up. The warriors fought the rest of the bull orcs and Braug to a stand still and finally pulled it out with 2 left. All in all not too bad other than I miss my archers. Once again it proves that the Reptus really excell with a totem. So few people use the Krung beast that your opponent doesn't have a plan in place to counter it.

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Some of the recent threads related to spells and such got me brainstorming related to the Reptus. So, figured I would share some ideas that have come.


I still havent really been able to think of a decent faction SA. Cause everything I have thought of so far is too close to something other factions already have.


But, I have thought of a few spells that I think would be cool for the Reptus. The names will need changing, but the affect works.

  • Mirror Image - 18" range friendly spell. Target must be within line of sight. Doubles the target model's MA on its next activation. Just being clear, caster does not have to cast it on a model in the same troop to be affective, as it takes affect on the target model's next activation.
  • Smoke - 6 inch long level 2 billow of smoke that blocks LOS either til the end of the whole turn or possibly even the number of turns equal to the caster's casting level.
  • Dragon Stench - gves horrid for 1 turn and even if the opponent passes the check and goes into b2b, still -1 MAV due to eye watering stench.
  • Wildfire - AOE/2 fire ring that surrounds either the caster or the target. I would prefer to cast around a target, but can understand if that would be around the caster.
  • tempest - have no idea what it should do, just sounds cool.
  • scales - similar to ice shards but maybe can have multiple targets or have a built in familiar tpe thing where they dont lose it if it fails.
  • muck/quicksand - just like it sounds.
  • parasites - another one where not sure what an appropriate effect is yet, but just sounds cool.

Some personal SA ideas include:

  • Dragon skin - maybe some type of SA that would boost MD instead of DV.
  • Slither - just the ability in an all Nagendra sublist (assuming a bunch of Nagendra get made) that might add some speed to their movement.
  • dragonbreath - I would like to look thru diferen DnD and other monster related manuals for ideas, as I think it would be a little repetitive just to have them be fire or poison for the breath weapon..
  • Hiss - another Nagendra thing - something related to knocking a spell caster concentration with the hissing noise.
  • constriction - yet another nagendra idea - what can I say, its easy to come up with a few for snakes - but something of a boa constrictor. It would be similar but not equal to distract. I say similar because distract to me is too expensive and I would like this SA to be useable.
  • venom spit - as we discussed already last week.

Anyway, just thoughts... comment away..

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Loving the ideas. The Reptus are in need of a bit of revamping. They are currently floating in limbo as far as having an identity. We were a solid hard to hit force that weren't that great attacking but did ok. That's not really us anymore. We have a sub group of the nagendra who are a cool concept but lack any major defining characteristics other than being really expensive to field. We have a swamp cow but no other mammals. We have trolls that we share with the Reven. All in all there are so many different directions to go and we are just waiting to be defined. The Jade Thorns SA is cool but perhaps it could be something that is always on but only +1 DV on defensive strikes to represent the martial nature of our troops trained to defend themselves even while attacking. It would also explain our relatively low MAV for our warriors.



Mist of the Swamp. AOE 3" lasts 2 rounds. all targets in the area gain Deflect.


Payanak's Venom. Target gains SA Poison on next attack.


I guess that's all that popped into my head so far. Good ideas Stubb.

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More ideas for possible Reptus futures...


My wife had a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. So, we stopped by there last night and hung out for a bit. As we were walking thru the isles heading towards teh back section where the art design books were at (my wife is a graphic designer) my 4 year old shouted out... "Wow... COOL DRAGON!!!"


He had spotted a rack that had some DnD books on it. I hadnt looked at or opened a DnD book in about 12 years. Then, my brain clicked back to the Reptus and the thought about coming up with new and interesting abilities or models for furthering our kind.


So, I grabbed the Monster Manual v3.5 and went and sat down at a table to peruse thru it.


These are the monsters that from memory I felt with a bit of modifying could work well in the Reptus army:





mountain landwyrm


I also tried to look at special abilities and spells that different monsters had. I paid special attention to the dragon section and their spells and such and the few things that stood out to me were:


breathe weapon - Cone of acid fog

breathe weapon - Cone of paralyzation fog

special ability - swallow whole

special ability - regneration

specialability - acid blood

innate spell - reverse gravity

spell - entrap/snare


I also did a quick skim thru on another book related to Dragontypes. I cant remember as much from that book as I had to skim quickly. But, I remember several dragon types that I thought would be cool.

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I just saw something that made me download in my pants. See for yourself ......



Yay! Is this the new look for the Reptus now that Chaz has flown the coop? Kind of looks like he's hanging from piano wire by his posture (but Ra'am's pose always makes me think of a chicken, so what do I know?)



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I just saw something that made me download in my pants. See for yourself ......



Yay! Is this the new look for the Reptus now that Chaz has flown the coop? Kind of looks like he's hanging from piano wire by his posture (but Ra'am's pose always makes me think of a chicken, so what do I know?)




Hey! they say birds are descended from reptiles so its not too far-fetched :rock:

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There are two things I don't like about the new sculpt. The way the spikes that are on all the leaders are on his shoulders instead of his back just looks clumsy, they also are not attached very well judging from that picture. Also, the way his tail is covered with plates reminds me of a transformer for some reason... although dragons that turn into giant robots my be pretty cool.


Other than that he's a very welcome addition to my reptus family!!

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