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Thule (1.2)

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Ok, since no one is talking here I'll just post my latest army list. I did quite well with this army against an Overlords force.


Troop 1:

Lord Kentaur

Lord Gauren

7 Skeletal Breakers


Troop 2:

Railor (Ice Shardsx1)

6 Skeletal Archers


Troop 3:

Sir Azarphan

3 Skeletal Breakers


Troop 4:



Totem of Battle


750 points


Comments/Critiques? I probably would have some Wraiths in there, but they haven't come in yet.

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I'd have to agree with the breakers. I bought the faction box and just proxy all the warriors as such. Cheap, I know. :P


@ Brieros: Do you mind if I take Brush's suggestions and add your list to my 750pt army thread with the changes made to it?

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Haha, you guys are reading my mind. Told my opponent the only reason Aza was in there was because I didn't have two Railor minis. :) IMHO, with a crypt legion force the only reason to use warriors (tough) is gone since Dark Energy adds a 20% tough check to breakers and only an extra 10% chance to warriors.

The main reason for the smaller troop was to protect the totem in the case of fast flankers, which is what happened last time I played this opponent (2 Chevy's mobbed my totem.) This game, without any flankers to worry about, my totem protection was the perfect size to flank the main fight and attack the remains of his crossbow unit.


underling, no prob with that idea, add away.

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Still Warriors arn't totaly useless, even if they arn't nearly as appealing. They are decent value at 17 points, the only problem is that BReakers are awesome value at 20. The Warriors are certainly a worthwhile option in a standard default list where Breakers don't gain the Tough/1 check afforded by the Crypt Legion.

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I like to field tons of troops so i like the warriors. Breakers are great in crypt legion but tough 2 in crypt legion with warriors is really good for 17 pts a piece i'll take it. I can have two units of warriors led by railor for super cheap it gives the enemy something to think about and if they think it's not a threat then I show them otherwise. ::D:


Were there any stat changes in the new data cards or just point changes?

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You can also drop Kentaur and Gauren for Azarphan and more soldiers and another Banshee! Which would look like this:


Troop 1

Azarphan @ 79 Pts

2 Wraith Harvesters @ 40 Pts

6 Skeletal Breakers @ 120 Pts


Troop 2

Ralior of the Unbodied (Ice Shards x1) @ 41 Pts

6 Skeletal Archers @ 144 Pts


Troop 3

Ralior of the Unbodied (Ice Shards x1) @ 41 Pts

5 Skeletal Breakers @ 100 Pts


1 Kaena, Banshee @ 54 Pts


1 Kaena, Banshee @ 54 Pts


1 Altar of Blood and Death (Totem) @ 75 Pts


Total Company Cost: 748


You have the same number of cards in the deck and more firepower in another Banshee. I've found that in lower point games Kentaur isn't worth the Tactician card when you can field more units. Plus heroes are better left for larger point games. Also, I've thrown in a couple of Wraiths to support Azarphan with his Trencher.

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One of my friends abd me were playing a game with elves and he like the game warlords a lot and then i let him look at some necropolis models and stats and i was wondering if someone chould give him a starting necropils army of like 1000 points




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One thing I discovered the other night with my first time using the Bone Horror- don't use him on large tables like a 4x8 and start on the far ends. By the time he gets to anyone the archers and mages will take him out or significantly weaken him.

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In my experiance the bone horror is the perfect anti-monster monster. His Mav5 and uber DV make him ideal for squishing the similarly priced monsters that are designed more as anti infantry critters (think Krung beast). He also makes a great mage squisher.

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At my local gaming store, I just made a combat heavy 1,500 point army. Its main purpose is to be able to beat the living crap out of the other army. I really like it, and Haven't lost with my old list. I just added 500 points, and i think it will do well. If you are wondering why I use railor with no spells, He is a SUPER CHEAP seargent, and with a unit like the called where there are no heroes who can go underground, It isnt much of a loss if he dies due to archery or magic. In Elsabeth's unit, the skellies serve more of a fodder purpose than a muscle purpose. They help her and the wraiths get to the other side of the board without being shot to death. Briarkiss also has divine favor just incase, plus shes a vampire (and the vampire rule ROCKS). The skelleton archers can serve more of a fodder purpose than a actual range purpose. I won a game just because i distracted an elf army with them, and that gave time for the rest of my guys to run over to the other side of the board. They took two or so elves down with them and stayed long enough that everything went super smooth. Any comments or questions are welcomed.


Elsabeth Briarkiss

-Divine Favor

-Greater Magic Armor

-Moderate Magic Weapon

Niviar the Wraith

Skeletal Warriors x6

Wraith Harvesters x3



-Lesser Magic Armor

Vampire Crimson Knights x6


The Called x5


Sir Gadrun

Deathriders x3



Skeletal Archers x7


Banshee x1


Bone Horror x1

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