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Axe and Hammer Tavern (1.2)

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Anyone used herryk aesir yet...


I used him the other night. My build overall was lackluster and it was a quirky scenario... but all things being equal, Herryk did his job admirably. He blessed an entire troop of Shield Maidens. He bandaged my ally's Halbarad. He went hit for hit against Matisse.


I'd give him a thumbs up, no question. He's the real deal.

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I call this my Megaforce:


I put some more thoughts into the way I'd personalize this army myself. Here's my current list, with two alternate ways of kitting it out:


---Herryk, Margara and Kara, 5 Piercers

---Fulumbar, Durgam, 5 Warriors

---Logrim, Ivar, and 5 maidens





KIT 1 (essentially WB's kit, but w/o Searing Pain and a few minor changes)

Bless, 2 Bandage, Divine Favor @ Herryk

2 Ice @ Margara

2 Bandage @ Ivar


KIT 2 (totally different)

Cure, Bless @ Herryk

Scare, Ice @ Margara

Bandage @ Ivar


I'm pretty excited about kit 2! The main pizzaz on Kit two is the 1, 2 punch combo from Margara and Herryk. In one activation (heck, the first one if you can swing it!!) use Herryk to bless the RAV on your piercers while using Margara to Scare a group of opponents. Now you've got a net bonus of +3 versus the targets your piercers shoot at! I think that'd be a pretty sickly way to open up a game :) I think that if you were to use kit 2 though you could drop Ivar, use his points elsewhere. You could give Herryk +1 CP and give two troops Musician, and just trade his bandage to Herryk. It may also make sense to remove the Cure and replace it with some bandages and upgrades elsewhere........ but I'm a fan of Cure.

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thanks for the responce guys. I was thinking , go cheap:


Garagram, 4 warriors

Freya , 4 madiens

Logrim , 4 warriors, 3 Halberds

Herrick, 4 warriors, Ivar, 3 Halberds

Garagram, 5 Crossbows.


a smattering of Bandages if points are left over.


Maybe even dropping the second garagram group for spells.

May be fun.

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If I added right the list you put up is 1151 points. So assuming you're aiming for 1500/1501, you've got plenty of room for spells - so keep the piercer troop! I really like your inclusion of Halberdiers... they really do make a big difference. You've got enough points left over to add in a Totem... and Trenchers backed by Halberds with a totem is a very potent combo! Imagine your warriors returning defensive strikes at MAV 4! Your maidens return them at MAV 5!!


re: your clerics - notsoevil just commented on a list WB made and I modified that had that trio in it, and he said it was a bit overkill. In some ways I agree and in other ways I'm not so sure I agree. You can look at it from a healing perspective, and yes, it's overkill. You won't need 3 healers in one 1501 army. Especially with an infantry heavy list like you've got. However Logrim and Herryk in particular fight pretty well too, so there's that aspect. So it probably isn't the most economical choice, but I don't think it's a crippling choice.

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The point of the "Megaforce" list was not to create the "ultimate balanced army". Instead, it was to try and take all 4 of my elites and all 3 of my solos. In order to do so, and make it ReaperCon legal, I also had to use models that I own that aren't DHL figs. Hence, Logrim & Ivar & Herryk. ^_^


And, no, I don't feel there is such a thing as Cleric overkill. Remember, I was also fielding the Griffon and Thorvald, who are major tanks in the army. Trust me: there are times when one cleric just isn't enough healing. I found that out the hard way when I tried fielding Logan as my warlord. :wacko:


I have a couple of other lists I made up that I can post, but unfortunately, they are on my computer at work and I don't have to go back there until Wednesday. So, you'll just have to wait in anticipation until then. :lol:


Wild Bill :blues:

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If you're going for 1k my advice would be to drop the gargram/warrior troop before you drop the gargram/piercer troop. The archers are pretty potent and you've got a good pile of derfs already. I'd also think of rolling the piercers into another troop to save a few points as well. You'll still have 20ish points to trim off........... Perhaps one warrior and one halberd, you'll then be under costed by around 15ish points (mental math isn't a strength of mine). Divine Favor is a good option. Anyways that'd leave you at approximately 1k and 25 models.. I think. At that point drop Ivar and use his points on spells for Herryk, and at least in my estimation the list's taking shape. Not that my estimation is terribly critical........

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Tonight I played a single troop warlord required 750 point battle in a village with an open square in the middle.


My list:

Logan Battlefury, Ivar w/Bandage and Bless, Margara with Venom and Ice, 9x Swiftaxes, Musician, and Totem


It was an experiment.. running a fast, hard hitting, low DV army. Never done one that extreme before.


My opponent's list:

Ashkrypt w/Bolt, maybe more, Balthon w/Domination, Flames of the Faithful, Lola, Rogran, 3x Crossbows, and filled out with 6 or 7 warriors.


It was slaughter. I rushed up the middle, Logan in the middle of the pack and the casters in the back. Loose formation. As expected I lost a few on the way in, but I was able to get 3 into b2b on turn one. The Overlords activated next and Ashkrypt bolted Margara - she missed Venom on DM. Crossbows further winnowed the ranks. I rebutted with an ice shard that missed, and a string of less than spectacular rolls. Logan did some damage but also rolled 2 ones.......... Next turn Ivar was pincushioned and more breakers fell. Margara was Dominated but had no spells left and was out of range for her ranged attack. In the end Logan, bleeding profusely, managed to convince the last Swiftaxe that charging Ashkrypt was a good plan. Both went down swinging, and Ashkrypt kept grinning.


It was a fun little fight... More or less a blowout though. I killed 3 warriors and Rogran. I blame poor army construction, poor rolling, and regular initiative draws. I would have needed amazing initiative to even it off, considering everything else.


You definately need to distract the enemy with something else to get the most out of your swiftaxes.

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Ok, here goes 1k of dwarves.


Logram w/ 2 bandages2/Mountain Gods breath

Dwarves Warriors (6)

Musican 316pts


Freya /Divine Favor

Shield Maidens (5)

Halbers (3) 271pts



Warriors (4)

Halberds (3) 184 pts



piercers (4) 126pts


Thorvald 101pts


5 cards

30 Models




Any Ideas to help Improve this would be welcomed.

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This is what a list looks like for a 1K list fielding Logrim. It is by no means the end all be all list. ^_^



4 Warriors





4 Warriors





5 Piercers


Freya + DF

4 Shieldmaidens

5 Halberdiers



Totals: 1,000 Pts, 28 Models, 6 Cards


I have played a variation of this army using Fulumbar instead of Logrim as well to great success. Freya's unit is the hard hitting unit of the army. Everything else is support making sure she doesn't get swarmed.


Wild Bill :blues:

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