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I'm working on a group now, and now that some of the leader type models are being finished up and released, its actually possible to do.


I cant give any tips quite yet as I am still trying to figure it out myself.


I do look forward to hearing other player's opinions here...


(how long will it be before we start seeing more units added to the basic group - as in Necros have like 35-40 miniatures, and Reptus is now at like 10?)

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Since this question gets asked a lot, we're catching up the Reptus as fast as we can; the main sculptor was injured a long time back and has been working hard to catch up ever since. If you've looked at the releases for the coming weeks you'll know we have several models coming down the chute for ya ::D:.


When it comes to strategy I think the Reptus are a fantastic high defense, heavy hitting melee force with great archery support. T'Kay is a great cheap, effective non-unique cleric that has a very solid MAV and DV. Let's not forget the solos either; the Krungbeast is a fantastic attention getter while Uru and the Trolls are very inexpensive melee'rs with high DV.


I *always* take archers with the reptus; at 41 points Marksman gives them plenty of extra shots and RAV 2 is nothing to sneeze at. You can mix your melee groups to whatever fits your playstyle; I'm a warrior/breaker man myself. The Nagendra Rangers aren't tough, but they can still hit pretty hard; I would definitely tie up the enemy meleers with warriors or breakers first before sending the Nagendra in to do the serious damage.


Khong-To is a cuisinart Warlord; I never feel bad loading him up with gear and setting him loose to wreak havoc. For those high-point games consider loading him up with a Greater Magic Weapon and slapping a Crimson Embrace on him; with some support and good dice rolls on a First Strike he can take out many solos and other Warlords without getting a nick on his scales.


I wouldn't count out taking Ra'am or Nai-Khanon either since both have Warmaster which ups their combat efficiency greatly.


All in all a great army for someone who wants to cross the battlefield quickly (base Mov 6 for a good portion of them) and chew apart their opponents.


That last part is quite literal, in fact. ::D:

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Well I know Hexxenhammer has advocated two T'kays and the following slogan: "Breakers smash!"


I also get told that in almost any force, Uru is a great figure to field, lots of menace for your buck.


Finally, Frosch tells me Khong-To with Greater magical Armour and Greater Magical Weapon is a Frightening Foe to Face.

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I know some of the new Nagendra are coming out but The pics i've seen so far pale in comparison to the snakemen in theDHL line.


I like the idea of a less rounded fig. that keeps with the Reptus' "pointy" look




I would like to use this fig. for a new nagendra leader or solo, but for now is my proxy for Ssathuss.


I am pretty clear on the guidelines for proxys, but where do the rules stand on creating entirely new characters and data cards to go with them?



...and can the Reptus get a medusa?

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A totally new, made up card would be entirely up to the willingness of your opponent or tourney organizer.


I'd bet that for a tournament, a made up figure would probably not be allowed (just a bit different from a proxied model). For play with friends, so long as they are cool with the figure I wouldn't see a problem. Just be mindful of point costs. Since there is not a formula floating freely about, just some bits inthe generic card section, it can be easy to load up a figure and have it grossly underpointed.


Made up figures based off the generic cards are great for Scenario play too.


Heck, Frosch made up an entire Faction - Unseelie Court.


Honestly, if you have a good idea for a potential new Reptus figure. Post up your thoughts and what the data card might look like. The folks here do listen to our requests and thoughts and do take them into consideration. And your faction book isn't out yet.

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Here's a 750 point I put together. I was using one of the snakemen DHL models to represent Ssathuss.


Troop 1



Greater Magic Weapon

Divine Favor




Bless (x2)


Crimson Embrace


Warriors (x3)


Troop 2



Greater Magic Armor


Skull Breakers (x3)




If I remember correctly, this got me to 748 or so. As for putting Greater Magic Armor on Khong-to, I'm not convinced of the value, considering a natural 10 always hits anyway, and his defense is pretty high as it is. Now, the Greater Magic Weapon... *drool*. 4 attacks with first strike and MAV 7? Yikes. Not to mention warmaster. He is most definitely a powerhouse.


The army could definitely stand to be improved, but I was fairly limited with what figs I had available. Have since gotten a krungbeast and an Uru, which helps. Just haven't put together another army list since then.


Take care,



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I would really like to see a cleric with cleric 3 for the Reptus.


I like everything about Khong-to except for his tough of only 3. All the other Warlords have a pretty high tough factor. His seems kinda low.


I like the idea of him using the Aura SA but the only problem with the aura SA is that you basically already have to be in close combat with an enemy to use it, you cant run up and then use it as it requires the noncombat action to use it.


Therefore, you have to hope you survive the the first round of the attack to be able to take advantage of it in further rounds.


As for minis coming down the pipe to finish off the units in the core book, it is much appreciated but that is not really what I am saying. As it is, I can always proxy for unavailable minis. I am talking about new units all together. In the core rulebook (which I don't have with me so my numbers are going to be exaggerated) the necros already had like 20-25 different choices. Yes, the necro book increased that number even more but the base selection from the core rulebook was already large. Same goes for several other factions. But the reptus only have a few.


I guess I am just whining cause I really want to play reptus based on the minis but all the tactics I want to play with seem to be non-reptus or atleast not available yet. And I am being impatient to try to see if the type of uints that I need to be added to them will be... My apologies.

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I understand what you're saying DChihorn; the Reptus have 12 core units (which is the small end of the scale) while Necros had 17.


When it comes to play styles though we're deliberately making the armies feel and play differently; we want to avoid having just visual differences, especially in a game with, once sub armies are fully rounded out, around 20 or so unique groups.


Any new models that come out will only play towards the faction's strengths, so the Reptus coming out won't be too terribly different from what's currently out there. If the playstyle doesn't suit you may want to look at a different army.

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well, thats kinda just it, i havent figured out what their play style is yet...


From what I can tell so far, they are a decent melee group. Weak on range stuff.


Thats about all I can tell so far.


They dont have the cross the river stuff to help them get into melee better. They dont have anything that weakens their enemy by default (bane, sokar, necros fear,etc..). They dont ave a cleric that can teleport anyone to melee. They dont have flyers or burrowers to be able to mess with the other teams elites while you are trying to get your troops across the field. Only have archers for ranged combat and even then their archers dont have much range compared to other factions. They only have one mage and one cleric so cant really evaluate that area too well yet.


Basically, so far from what I can see they are a straight forward run up and try and smack you group. No fluff but no security blanket either.


But, they also have some of the coolest minis in my opinion.

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