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First off box set is a must, no matter which faction you choose. Just cant beat the deal you get with it.


Next, I would think Audt (sargeant) and either breakers or archers.


The box gets you the cleric and plenty of warriors to start. Khong to is a great warlord, but as most people are finding out, he just seems to be a little too expensive to field in smaller point game. So, you end up using him to represent the still unproduced Chai-uut captain. Warriors have great DV but you need a little punch to go with them, that could come from either breakers or archers.


I figure you could get away with about $70 there, spend another $20-30 on painting supplies (primer, paint, brushes, prep tools) and you can get all for under $100 and still have the paint and such for later.

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I've been painting off and on for about 8 years(mostly off, I'm sad to say)and just recently got back into the hobby and discovered Reaper about a year ago. Before that, it was all GW. Thanks for the advice on the beginning troops, if any are interested I'll let you know how the initial skirmishes go.

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I've been painting off and on for about 8 years(mostly off, I'm sad to say)and just recently got back into the hobby and discovered Reaper about a year ago. Before that, it was all GW. Thanks for the advice on the beginning troops, if any are interested I'll let you know how the initial skirmishes go.


We are always interested in how the skirmishes go.


And sign up for Reapergames, so your games affect the whole world.



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Hmmm...well the what can I say, poor poor snakemen. Still I think what I said does have merit in it somewhere, I think I could find use for them, and that MAV 2 and 2 attacks really does appeal to me. I put Bull Orc Hunters to work with great efficiency, and the Rangers arn't much different.

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Today the Reptus had yet another hard-earned victory, vs. the darkspawn of Humansquish (Reptus models and force list kindly on loan from the same humansquish) Since it was his list, I don't recall exactly what was on it, I'll edit it as it goes.


Troop 1



3 breakers

I believe 4 warriors and another 3 longstrikers, affectionately referred to as the pokers.


Troop 2



- Hold

- Bless

- 3 Bandages

4 archers

6 warriors


Troop 3



Troop 4

River Troll


Squish had some Darkspawn, as mentioned, but being the first game I was focusing more on knowing what my troops did than his, not counting tactics. I think it was something along these lines


Troop A

A bunch of archers



Troop B



~7 Broken Fodder


Troop C



If I left anything out, I'm sure I will be corrected


The total came up to ~1000, but I believe that was about it. Everything worked about as picture perfectly as possible, Troop 2 basically held position with the warriors acting as a screen for the archers, and T'kay did absolutly nothing the entire game, mostly because I forgot about her, then because it was too neat of a tradition to end. The archers picked off the fodder , only 2 or so actually made it into close combat, and were repeatedly squished and thumped until he ran out of pain tokens. Then thumped again, for good measure. Nasithe was thumped well and good by the warriors as well.


Troops 1, 3, and 4 swept in from the flank to catch his army without having to worry about anyone putting up to much of a fight. Uru was charred crispy by a fireball before he really got to do anything, but if the surviving troll was any indication, then I'm sure he would be quite the terror. As it was, the river troll played a great deal of havok.


I wasn't too impressed with the breakers, while the higher MAV was helpful, the lower def. and slower move was a bit annoying. (Speaking of which, shouldn't the breakers move just as fast as the rest of the group, if not faster? After all they ARE supposer to be thumping things in the front. I'll check the errata, just in case it was noticed already) With the Pokers supporting, and warriors supporting each other, the warriors turned out to be well worth it. Without support, however, they were hit or miss. Literally... Mostly miss.



Any questions? Comments? Pro-reptus remarks?


Edit - Humansquish put up pics and his side of the story here


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I find it annoying to move slow with the breakers, but i can't help but love that +3 MAV. And they are still relatively hard to hit (compared to say, goblins or skeletons).



I have a game coming up today on an all swamp board. If I don't win it shall be veeeeeeery dissapointing.


Once that is done with I shall bring you news of the battle.




GRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! :grr::grr::grr:

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The battle is won. It ended up being 2,000 points of reptus vs. 1000 pt. necro and 1000 pt. reven. The Khonger was taken down by some skeeters , but he had already killed about 250 pts worth, so I got my money out of him. The snakemen managed to kill some vamps before going down, but I still don't think they broke even. However they did manage to hold my flank long enough to destroy everything else on the board.



Between a firestorm and about 20 some melee lizards plus the khonger the orcs didn't stand a chance. Some skeletons and deathriders tried to go in and pull them out but they went down in the process as well.


The vamps were fighting the lesser half of my force (6 snakes, the snake sarge, 2 trolls, and the grunge-beast) and so they fared a bit better, but in the end only about a quarter of them made it off the board.



I did have a few mistakes. I forgot khong-to's divine favor, and forgot to use a bandage on two seperate occasions. Perhaps worst of all was losing track of a pair of the khonger's breakers and leaving them for about 2 turns.


my list was as follows (this was all my lizards except 1 captain and 1 sarge)



cleric w/ 4 bandage and lesser magic

ssudai w/ 1 firestorm, 3 ice shards, lesser magic

3 warriors

4 breakers



cleric w/ 4 bandages and lesser magic

3 warriors

4 breakers



4 longstrikers

totem (not really part of the troop but they were the ones carrying it.



6 nagendra rangers




River troll


River Troll






I would have faired much better had I had some archers, but I don't have any archers, so I couldn't field any. The big strength I seemed to have (besides the fact that, due to the entire board being swamp, I moved like cavalry compared to most of my opponents forces) was the fact that with 9 cards I never failed to win intiative. This coupled with my opponents unmanueverability gave me an extreme advantage.


in the end Uru, 13 grunts (cant remember exactly what, but I know there was only 1 spearman left) and both clerics and the wizard were left on the board. All the orcs were dead and the necros had a wraith, 3 crimson knights, and athak.

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forgetfulness murders. i lost a game today because i forgot one of the basics of terrain evaluation, and got thoroughly stomped.


glad to hear the Reptus are starting up coming on strong...i am not in the habit of playing warlord, as i have other stuff to do. but when i get back to it (perhaps with re-painted reptiles: why do green when there are all kinds of lizard colors to do...) i will show that the lizards can do their job well.....


:ph34r: because low out of game morale sucketh....


i am definitely getting the faction book: that will finalize my tactics and purchase descisions.

i will have to get ra'am, even if just to convert it to represent my exalted character

and i will need some damn longstrikers....


keep up the long fight...witrh the reptus, only hard fighting will get us anywhere....

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So with one game under my belt, and a pleasant victory to boot, I made up a quick little 750 pt. list, suggestions and comments are more than welcome. All I need to do now is get my roomates hooked, wish me luck!


Troop 1

Chai-Uut 77

Ssudai 45

- Ice Shard x3 10 x3 30

- Fireball 50

- Bolt 20

- Familiar 20

Breakers x3 (24 x3) 72

Warriors x5 (23 x5) 115


Sub 429

Troop 2


Audt 44

Archers x4 (41 x4) 164

Warriors x5 (23 x5) 115


Sub 323


Total 752



I was going with longstickers vice the breakers, but when reading through the factions, I notcied that Reptus DV goes toe-to-toe with Crusaders and Overlords. Not bad for a bunch of scaly critters. Previous statements about breakers have been retracted, I like 'em!


What think you of Ssudai, or would it better to have T'kay with some bandages, or perhaps a solo or two?

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i like ssudai, as low point wizards go he is top notch.


I would drop the bolt and familiar and upgrade the fireball to a firestorm. Firestorm is so much more spell for the points. It has a larger area of effect, doesnt need line of site from the target point, and coup de graces (sorry for spelling) automatically. with the extra 15 points you have left (gave up 40 from the bolt and familiar, then spent 25 on firestorm) buy a lesser magic upgrade. That way you only need to role a 2 to hit your average grunt, so you will hardly ever miss.


I also love trolls. They have that extra little umph that my line of warriors and breakers always seems to need. You can also use them and your wizardy snakeman to do the old "solo bait trick". Charge the enemy line with your unsupported troll. He will get swarmed and slaughtered (it's ok, he is just a 50 point slave monster). On your next card you throw your firestorm into the middle of that tightly bunched troll killing troop. Suddenly your opponent will find himself severely undermanned.


as far as the cleric goes, you have to leave something behind when you only bring 750 points. As long as you don't have any uber expensive (or just really deadly like Uru) melee types you probly won't need one.


You have more archers than I would. They just don't seem as deadly to me as other factions similarly pointed archers (elves are 3 points more but waaaaaaay more deadly). This is really just a tactical style thing, not neccassarily something that needs changing (I would drop two archers and bring a troll and another grunt).



Suggestion Summary



*No need for cleric, you got a good enough list without one.

*drop bolt and familiar in favor of upgrading to firestorm and lesser magic. Bolt costs too much and firestorm is so much nastier than the hand grenade. You shouldn't really need that familiar since you now have a cp of eight and shouldn't hardly ever miss.

*squeeze in a troll somehow. Not really required but I would, just cuz' they fit my style.


ooooooh, just noticed, you are slightly over the point allowance. Shouldn't be a problem for games with your friends, but strangers may get picky. (if you ever play with me you are more than welcome to bring your extra 2 points.

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Moosey has some pretty darn good tactic suggestions. I can see the changes in the way he plays between now and before this thread was stickied, and I fear what I see. ::):


On the mage:

Droping the familiar is a good idea, I find that most games I cast about 5 spells, with the games lasting a few rounds longer than that. And when your caster has a decent CP(7 on Ssudai) You will hit more often than not.

Deffinitly drop that fireball and pick up a Firestorm.

I would keep the bolt, Defensive magic is usable when you are shot at with a Ranged attack also, giving a mage a free attack is nothing to smirk at, Archers are expensive and don't usually have high MD.


On adding a Cleric:

I find that I only add clerics to my army if I have specific roles for them. If I want someone to do nothing but bring back grunts I have a cleric with 4-5 bandages, if I want to move through a river I have a cleric with part, etc.

In a 750 game though, I would only take a single caster.


On troops containing Warriors and Archers:

Usually I keep the warriors in my Ranged troop around 2 maybe 3. This is to keep the troop somewhat close together and I use those warriors as defence for my archers. Leaving to many behind for defense can hurt your offensive troops alot.


On Solos:

Take a solo whenever possible. The extra card in a small game can be vital. They are the shining stars of our armies currently. They take the core of reptus(our armor) and make sure our enemies know they are here to fight and not to be hit.

In a 750pt game a solid solo like Uru can be devestating, use his low cost to your advantage. In my group Uru now strikes fear into opposing players, word of mouth about him destroying whole troops will make your enemy move strangely and at times that is your greatest strength.

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here comes the weekly update.



played today in a "get this stuff off the board" scenario. Using the same 2000 pt list as last week (its written down a few posts over this) I had to take 3 wagons of treasure over a bridge at the other end of the map. The road was surrounded on either side by mixed light and heavy woods. 1000 pts of necroes were tryin to take the wagons off the left side of the rode, and 1000 pts of dwarves were comin at me from the right.


Due to a random event, Chai-Uut's troop had to leave and go back to town, burn an action finding something important that they had lost, and then come back too the fight. This happened just as I had gotten out a good distance onto the road, and left my entire right flank open. The snakes formed a line on that flank to try and hold it till the capin' got back. The dwarves, seeing this weakened flank, moved in, slaughtered the snakes, and tried to get a wagon. The sarge's troop (they had been carryin 2 of the wagons) dropped what they were doing and stepped up to hold the line. For some odd reason 4 longstrikers killed alot more dwarves than 6 snakes had. Sarge got wounded in the process, but the lined held long enough to get the khonger, 2 warriors, and a troll into the fray. a few turns and one firestorm later the dwarves were almost gone. At this point some deathriders killed a cleric (who had yet to cast a spell) and my mage. The capin' finally made it back to where the fight had been. Only problem was the dwarves were already dead and the necroes were formed across the road.


at this point the field looked something like this






.............Capin'...........wagons........khonger and a few dwarves................Necroes

.........................Uru....GrungeBeast................................Dwarf cleric.....................


Obviously, scale is not right, but their relative positions are pretty close. The actual field of combat was only about 10 inches wide because of the woods. The deathriders swept in and carried off the wagons. I finally got the last of the dwarves to stay down (the khonger had to kill one warrior 3 times). Only the dwarven cleric survived from the dwarves (and he was wounded) but all the necroes except for 1 or 2 C-knights were still there.


At this point I wheeled around and left. A few grunts (1 warrior and 3 breakers to be axact) stayed to fight a reaguard action. The necroes didn't chase me. I had just over a thousand points left, and the only wounded big boy was sarge, and he aint that big. I lost all the snakes, 'bout half the grunts, 2 trolls, and a cleric and the wizard. I still probably had the power to crack the necro formation (but just barely, he is quite the formationist) but it wasn't worth it, they already had the treasure.


An amazing win for the necroes, I gave better than I got, and the dwarves were pretty much eaten alive.



We took pics and when I can get those I will add them to this post.




Any news on what the lesser reptus with spears are like?

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