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I'll second the notion that I think they don't look nearly as cool as what I had expected, but I think it is only a matter of personal opinion. THey are decent sculpts, they simply are not what I pictured in my mind (I has more of a hooded cobra look imagined, and I though they would have less bulky and awkward looking bodies). That being said, they are not poorly sculpted in the least, and I'm glad there are alot of people out there who like them (maybe a bit of green stuff to make cobra hoods and I could be convinced to purchase them).


I might buy the Mage though, he has a great look about him that keeps making me think "Starwars RPG Force Adept or Jedi" whenever I see him.

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When I first saw Ssathus I didn't like the Snakemen. I didn't like the idea of having them in armor, but since I proxy Ssathus every single game, I decided I would buy him anyway. Then I decided that holding him in hand is a completely different story and he is completely badass. They really are flat out beautiful once you get ahold of them.

They really do have a new look/feel the other reptus don't, but don't be thrown off by the long necks, these minis rock.

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Arrr, yes, i must say, i might have to give in to the nagendra plaugue, until the reptus acquire a bulky scaly biped with 2 attacks a piece. what can i say, my army blows, and the addition of 3 naga wanabees will be much appreciated. afterall, they get the 2 atack grace...


the rangers are pretty average, i must say. dervishes and the orc hunters have a few more tricks than they. but i wol'nt kick em' outta service until we get a reptus samurai or something particluarly volitile.


--hmm, maybe convert the rangers into wierd kali-cobra-draconic-horned-spiky things and let the critics suffer at the sight of all that spikage...will have to carve down the kukris into something more real and asthetic (thanks for all the spare pewter to sculpt at, jason!), and will probably go ape with the skin color.


send them to the front...


...and just pray the nefsokar don't get a Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

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I just made this list in honor of my new Pagoda of Jade. Hope to try it out shortly. let me know what you think.


Troop 1

Uru w/ divine favor.


Troop 2




4 bandages

1 bless

lesser magic


3 warriors

3 breakers.


Troop 3


same as troop 2 except no bless for T'Kay


Troop 4



2 breakers

3 spear guys





And to round it all off I got the pagoda.















The Idea with this list is to have a pile of tough grunts who never die because I am fielding a wopping 2 clerics. Uru is there to do his Uru thing. The 4th troop is a "reinforcement troop". I would hold them back until I see a weakness or potential weakness (anywhere there are crimson knights). Then the breakers go put the smack down and the spear boys back em up.


I would use archers but i don't have any yet ::(:. As far as additional grunts go, all I have models for is 1 more spear guy, The khonger, and a krung beast, so I can't really add all that much more in numbers.

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A few thoughts based on my bouts thus far.


You said a bunch of tough grunts, when really you only have a few. Breakers dont have tough.


The DV11 + deflect that the warriors have has done phenominally better for me than the MAV 3 of the breakers. Especially when you do throw in the totem. Aura SA helps a bit, but i almost always end up losing all my breakers in a match but have several warriors left standing at the end. (This does not take Mages into consideration as both warriors and breakers have the same defense from them).


Plus, since warriors do have tough, TKay actually has someone to cast the spells on. Dead Breakers are just that.


I am iffy on the Bless spells. Mainly cause I prefer to have TKay hang back a little (unless playing against an enemy cleric with teleport abilities) and bless requires a very close AOE. I would instead spend those poiints on an improved protection or armor for Audt.


Archers (even just 2) have done huge things for me. Granted it depends on who you are going up against, but after starting out skeptical of them, I am loving them now. The marksman ability works well if you can plan your actions right.


For that same reason, I would suggest that in such a small point army, downgrade to a regular troll instead of Uru. Or even abandon all together for 3-4 more grunts. The enemy will concentrate on him first either way probably, going for many swings to get that 10. I have had great success with multiple trolls, but not very good at all with only a single.


Tkay, if only using friendly spells does not really need the improved magic. you already have 70% of success. Yes, I have failed a few here and there, but that many points could be used on something better in my lowly opinion.


Lastly, breakers need flesh shields to get where they are going. They need warriors or other to guide them. Othewise they usually die before getting to the destination.

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I played my first real battle with Reptus over the weekend and I have to say, with the proper grouping, every unit type is very deadly.


The warriors are great in that they are both defensive and tough. Foe a core of a front line, they are superb, even if they don't score as many hits as I would like.


Breakers are not as ineffective as Jason thinks. I use my breakers to charge a line and then, well, break it. An 8 inch charge is pretty decent and the 3 MAV gives a few good hits to decimate a line. The models can then break and let the Nagendra rangers or warriors through the line to take out the second line of subordinates.


The longstrikers are my new favorite tactical weapon as they can lend a good deal of support to the front lines of battle. Granted they aren't designed for close combat, they can tend to lend support to neighbors in need even whwen the front line falls. The only problem I have with the longstrikers is figuring out how in the world to get them to sit in B2B contact facing anythind (those are some bloody long models).


Reptus archers are expensive but worth it. A trio of archers can effectivly provide ranged support for any unit or take on the aproching solo.


The bottom line is all in how each type of unit is used. I plan on having all my breakers die quickly but kill morre than I lose. Longstrikers suck on the front line but if use support, they rock. The Nagendra, like the breakers, are heavy hitting fodder but exact a heavy toll on the enemy. Trolls are great because of their long charge and high MAV and DV and fairly low cost. All in all, Reptus is surprisingly well rounded considering their lack of models and special abilities compared to other factions. Winning with the Reptus is truly earning a win. There is not a faction out there that gains a big advantage over them. These guys are the middle of the road, tougher than usual enemy eaters that make them a stratagists dream to play.


I love the little lizardy critters :wub:

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breakers only have a charge of 7.


I agree they are obviously good on the offensive (and defensive mav swing too), and I defeintely take some with me every time. Just saying that they die a little fast for me to have more of them than warriors (especially with no tough).


The Nagendra being almost 10 more points than the others has made them hard for me to fit in the list so far. I either go expensive and get archers or cheap and get the high dv warriors most of the time. But, then again I have been playing lower point games so far (all 750), I can see me using a troop of them in a larger point game just to see how they do.

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I must declare immortal that the breakers are suicide troops with bang; i bring a few and they heft the difference. but they all die, and without question. seeing what i have, i think baad charachter will win it for the reptus. use the rest like strong arms and strike with the head. breakers are the bruised fists at the end of the boxing match.


Reptus: a strategists dream.

they are a strategist's dream to play. so are the WWII japanese, and the VC, and the Dark Eldar, and the Menoth, and House marik, and any other low powered army with a few advantages here and there.



Reptus: high defense, good in the wet, Powerful Character and Solo

has standard breakers.


Reven: good defense, killer SA's, high attack value, great numbers, Strong Characters, game's best captain. their breakers suck though.


Overlords: good defense, killer SA's, decent MAV, uniquely stated ranged guys, Great warlord, cheap mob troops, Good Solos. their breakers suck, and their leader is a drag queen.

who cares if Ashkrypt is gay, he kicks in stats!


Reptus have good stuff, but other armies have BETTER.


dwarves and elves also have stilted balance. they match the reptus in their own little region of 'i am playable cause the main rules set is SOLID'.

call me loudmouthed, but i play the Reptus cause they have style, not because they rock the rules book.

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Everyone is saying breakers have no tough.


In my rulebook (granted it is first edition so this may have changed) the skullbreaker special abilities are : Breaker, Marsh Walker, Tough/1


this means that T'Kay CAN stand them back up.




As far as T'kay having a 70% success rate without the upgrade, this is incorrect. She has an 80% success rate with out an upgrade as long as she only casts friendly spells. (since you have to meet a ten to succeed, 3 is actually a successful roll. 5cp + 2 friendly bonus + 3 dice roll = 10. she only fails on a 1 or 2.)

I know that this higher success rate only goes further to prove the anti-upgrade viewpoint, but I figured we should get the math right.


My feeling with the upgrade is that I don't ever want to miss a bandage at a critical point. failing even 1 out of 10 is still too much if you can do anything to change it.








I am not a huge fan of bless spells either but I only took 1. What else am I supposed to do with an extra 5 points (this is a 998 point army with the bless spell).

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Everyone is saying breakers have no tough.


In my rulebook (granted it is first edition so this may have changed) the skullbreaker special abilities are : Breaker, Marsh Walker, Tough/1


this means that T'Kay CAN stand them back up.


Moosey is right. Skullbreakers do have tough. I didn't get a data card with my breakers and I just assumed that they didn't have tough just like all the other breakers out there. This makes them even cooler.



On a different note, has anyone come up with good way of making the longstrikers fit into close combat better than they do?

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well... heck...


I guess either i was completely blind or the Asylum copy of the book was a different write up cause i just dont remember seeing it.


Bruce, I wonder how that would have affected our game?


I just wish the Aura SA would work in some way when I am onthe defensive and not just when attacking.


I can also be man enough to say that I am much happier with the Reptus than I orginally thought I would be. I still think they have a few glaring weaknesses. But, they are performing much better against "non-specialized" forces than I expected.

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