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I just made this list in honor of my new Pagoda of Jade. Hope to try it out shortly. let me know what you think.


Troop 1

Uru w/ divine favor.



If i'm not incorrect (and I could be as I don't have my books in front of me) divine favor has to be placed on a Leader or Elite model and as such Uru can't use it.

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I went to the store and I held Ssathus ans Ssudai in my hand, and they are not as bad as I made them out to be. As a matter of fact they are both pretty good looking and not as skinny and smallish as I had thought. Consider my previous bad review of them revised. They are both allright in my book.





WHEW....some good words for my snakes! I was getting worried, man!

Here's the thing: when Chaz is the main sculptor on an army, especially the Reptus, it is best to NOT try to emulate him:) I imagined the snakemen to be an adjunct force, more of an outlying provincial band than a part of the mainstream reptus. I also wanted the scouts to look like they could slither through swamps and other obstacles quickly and quietly like...well, like snakes...so simple and slithery was the key.

anyway, thanks to the tender mercies of the Reaper molding and Casting crew, I think they turned out pretty well. I made a little band for my games using the DHL snakeman champion as the big guy, and the sergeant and rangers as the fighting force. The little robed One, well, he's the real teeth...

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I went back this weekend and bought Ssudai and the tortoise dragon (another of your sculpts if I'm guessing correctly) and they look GREAT together. Quite the pair! In addition to warlord I'm hoping to use them as a team in a mage-fight type game.


That dragon is awesome.


and here are some UNOFFICIAL stats so that he can join our lizard boys on the battle field.



Use the greater dragon card from the back of the book and adjust it as follows


>Remove flyer


> subtract four from all movements


> New Cost : 1259



These stats should only be used with your opponents permission, no fare surprising him with a flightless dragon.


I made this guy by subtracting the cost of wings from him (10 points per track) and adding 2 move ( 4 points per track) so that he could still go 6 when he wasn't hurt.





I plan on making a removable Howda and a catapult to put on his back.




O yeah, All of you snake haters out ther eneed to go to your flgs and actually hold these figs in your hand. The pictures don't do them justice, they are actually quite good and fit within the army remarkably well.

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*Sorry for the odd post there, guys, i had a major-wierdness with a public computer on that one....*


Mosse-man, i will have to get naga, AFTER a car maintenance deal and a few medical bills. sorry, gotta have life and transport before i have pewter. i may not mod their bodies, though those kukri cleavers neeed some weight loss.


Jason, you did killer Gnolls for Chainmail. gotta say those were some of your best...


Yo, wait, don't longstrikers have MAV 1 too? lesser spearmen may have the support thing, which will make them cost effective.


Longstrikers can't even give each other support (check the rules: support needs a rear arc. and 360 has none) if they were defense 10, i would like em; if MAV 2 i would love 'em.

right now, they make good yojimbo., and you can't exactly backstab their unit (360) put 3 of them in with King Khong, Raam, and Nai-Khannon, and you have an arse whooping unit that makes for a killer support staff!

other than that , the LS look cool.


PS. i never take URU, ugluk always tries to kill him first....




* my posts are proof i can whine about anything*

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Longstrikers can't even give each other support (check the rules: support needs a rear arc. and 360 has none)


Might want to re-read what 360 does, it's in the 2nd sentence of the special ability description.


The Model may choose a side of its own base to become a "rear base side" for purposes of gaining the Reach bonus from friendly Models. Only one base side may be used in this manner.
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got me, Quik. then again, my damn rulebook has yet to roll in, i still borrow Ugluk's. so that is cool. i will do it then....


Moose, go ahead and use divine favor. put it on a cheap sarge you wanna keep alive longer than is healthy, or as additional cushion on Khong To.


Or, stick it on Nai-Khannon and let him do the uglies...

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Oh, don't get me wrong, The Favor is stil very useful and will find it's way into my lists, just not on Uru.


Here is my tactical question for the day. Do you prefer mages or archers? For the same price you can have Ssudai with an assortment of spells (firestorm, couple iceshards, and a magic upgrade so he won't miss), or four archers. Personally I prefer the mage, I like the potential to destroy a whole pile of grunts in one blow, as well as the fact that mages miss alot less.


Just wantin to know how everyone else feels.

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depends on the total points of the skirmish and of course terrain always factors in.


lower the points, the less chance I will field a mage.


I do like Ssaudai, can use him very much like the Rev talk about using Yag. Fairly high CP for low points. Fairly reliable that spells cast will be successful even without upgrades.


But, archers have a longer range, and can spread out making it where one spell wont kill them all.

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What is the proper use for a River Troll? Combat Monster? Draw archers away from other troops?


I just got one, and am about to use him tomorrow. Should be interesting, and I want to get as much as possible out of him (and hopefully leave a few poncy elves needing to change their undies)

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I use mine for the mage-trap. Charge with the troll, enemy swarms to kill troll, then i firestorm them. They mey anticipate this move however and not swarm him, in whick case he will kill 2 or 3 of em and pay for himself anyway. using one as an archery target doesn't sound to bad either, but I'm not sure how long they will last.

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