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We Bid a Fond Farewell To John Bonnet, Pro Painter.


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As some of you may know, John Bonnet ('GoldenEagle') of Reaper Miniatures has been called back into the Army for ten months. On Friday, July 21st, friends gathered in Denton to say goodbye. John decided to cheat the military out of the fun of shaving his head. It was an historic event.



Bonnot Chops were the look of the evening. Vogue says, 'They're the new black.'


post-750-1153871227.jpg post-750-1153871248.jpg

Members of the tribe gather to witness the ritualistic shearing. Locks of hair will be carefully preserved by tribal craftsmen, who believe the victim's mana will thereby augment their own skills.



Egads! He's redorkulated!



Hmm. Suddenly even Reaper Bryan's looking pretty hot. In comparison.



By the harsh light of day, the true horror of the night's events is revealed.



At least he got a cake. Chocolate cake, even.


We will miss you, John! ::(:

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I have repeated this Mantra to my Business partner every time we speak (as he has also been overseas with the army).


Stay Safe



it seems to work...


Remember in the hot, hot weather. Methol Gold Bond works wonders (according to my sources), something about a thousand faries.



Stay Safe, and get back soon.

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