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Master Series Miniature Gallery added

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Not a very good panther though.


I don't know...I think it looks like if you added tusks it would be a perfect saber tooth tiger, which then reminds me of Shaana the She devil and Zabu from the old Ka-Zar comic by marvel. I may have to find a 54 mm barbarian dude to convert into Ka-zar and make a family picnic diorama.

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wow 25 each, that is a pretty decent price if you ask me, espically concidering what other companies charge for seperate 'special' lines.


I can just see teh sci fi background, the edges of the door glowing, like it was just blasted through.


Gene just improves with every sculpt I see of his!!! James VS is anther one that is up & coming as well for me, that is probably his best one to date!!


can't wait to get both of them!!


Also I like the idea of saber tooth tiger, might have to do that when I get around to painting that one up *make a note in the idea book!!*



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Not at all impressed with the cat or the log on the first one. The chicks alright, not what I expected from a line called Master Series though.


The sci-fi one is quite neat at least, nice dynamic scene. I hope the next lot are more inspiring though.

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