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From previous threads & discussions we've had on the Reaper Boards, I've noticed that there's a fair few Sabbath/Led Zep/Deep Purple/Hendrix fans who paint and who post here. With that in mind I figured posting this was appropriate and that it was something which alot of people here might really enjoy. ::):


I got put onto a local Aussie band called "Wolfmother" by a mate a little while back. They've been out for a fair while but I hadn't got around to hearing any of their material (although it turns out I had heard a little bit of it on TV ads, etc.). I got given their CD for my birthday a few weeks back and it ROCKS!!! :lol:


I don't know if many of you guys have heard of them over in the 'States (they apparently toured there last year), or if they've had any radio air-time (quite possibly not) but they've got an awesome, polished sound and a kinda old-school feel which for me being a big Black Sabbath listener was instantly recognisable. Apparently they've bagged an absolute shipload of awards too! :huh:


It's really, really good painting music (hell, and driving music and everything else really! ::P: ), and you'll notice on the website & cover art that these guys are obviously big Frazetta fans as well! ::D:


Here's a link to their site:



Wolfmother Home-Site



You can listen to full length songs there (two of my favourites: Dimension, White Unicorn). Somebody's apparently also put up a Wikipedia entry, which is good for general background & info:






Anyway, go check it out - these guys are a top local act and truly kick arse! ^_^



Tommy. :B):

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I bought their CD 2 days ago. Rocks really hard. I know our local radio station gives them a lot of air time, so they are really picking up at least in our area.



They sound kinda of like ozzie singing for zepplin, definately an awesome combo.

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I bought the album at Wal-mart about a month ago (beware...Wal-mart edited the cover to take out the nekkid bits). Not bad stuff, but it seems like the adage "what is old is new again" is certainly true here. They overwhelmingly sound like a '70s hard rock/metal throwback band, with a few homages to bands of the time (like, FREX, Sabbath and even Jethro Tull).



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