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several pictures


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Hello friends painters,


I am a great fan of the reaper miniatures and finaly decide to show off some of the mini I painted.


Hope You will like them. I welcome the critics on my paints and the questions.


Sorry some of the pictures are blur. That's my beginning and never take a picture of a mini with a glass globe ::D:

















Some information about me : I am a French and living near Paris and painting for 10 years now but only half a dozen minis a year ! that's why I am not a good painter after all these years ;o)). I paint mostly reaper mini but i have also some old Ral Partha, Citadel, dark age, Fenryll, confrontation and other. I paint from 28mm to 90mm and one or two 120mm. Don't look for me in competition, I don't do them I am not good enough. Most of my pleasure is to create stories with the minis so I try to create good setting.



" the dream is my art, to realize it is my craft"

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Thanks for the replies


yes it is glitters on the fairy wings. I changed the original wings because I tought there were to thick. I used paper. originaly it was a paper butterfly. I cut the head, the queue, painted it and glue the glitter with superglue. I will give you the brands of all the stuff I used in my next message (I am currently at work)


The grass are synthetic and the flower are real dry flowers , the bushs are either synthetic stuff or zeechuims (a dry seaweed). For the rush, it is moss flower I find in my garden and it really looks like rush!


for the eyes I usualyhave some trouble with the left one as I am right handed.


I am currently working on half other dozen of mini (a troll, an orc, several women adventurer, etc..) and some should be finished in 1 or 2 months maybe less.


watch for my next message, I will put the list of the stuffs I used.

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Hello everyone,


sorry for the delay, I didn't have the opportunity to come back.

Here is a picture of the material I use for my base




and the list and brand of the stuff

for the flowers :


Rayher, www.rayher-hobby.de, dryed flowers laserpidium (N° 85 402 34 20 for the orange one), they have several type of dried flower but hese ones are the best it's big flower with tiny ones at the good scale for the mini. they have several colors : yellow, orange, red, blue, white and cost $3-4. but be careful they are very fragile.


for the leaves, some are from my garden but you can find it at Hudson and Allenin Monroe, MI, USA it's the product N°9712, foliage, they have also different colors.


I don't remember for the wings of the faery but it's either Rayher or Crea Paper (Dhondt Hobby product, www.dhondthobby.com)


for the zeeschuim, it is Plassiard Production


I find a glitter very nice to imitate goldp piece at rayher : N ° 39 251 06


for the grass and bushes I use MINI NATUR, G.P.P, it is german and used for train decoration.


Well that's all


have fun with it

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