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Mousekiller WIP'S

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Never one to finish a project, nor to sit idly by, I have created this page for inspiration. I am going to attempt to give a breakdown of colors used, etc. as I go along. Please feel free to give advice on any one of the following:


The following codes will apply: CP: Citadel Paints, RPP (Reaper Pro Paints), RMS (Reaper Master Series)



Manufactured: GAMES WORKSHOP

Sculpted: Aly and Trish Morrison

Base: Corkboard, Spackle Compound

Lava (CP): Red Gore, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, Fiery Orange, Golden Yellow

Rock (CP): Scorched Brown

Prime: Black

Colours -

Fleshhound Skin (RMS): Bloodstain Red, 50:50, Clotted Red, 50:50, Carnage Red, 50:50, Flat Red (VMC), Bright Red

Fleshhound Scales (RMS): Stormcover Grey, Coldstone Grey, Icy Grey

Bone (RMS): Bone Shadow, 50:50, Aged Bone




SAVAGE ORC BOSS CONVERSION (using Wurzagg Ut Ura Model)

Manufactured: GAMES WORKSHOP



Conversions: Changed the original head with one from the Orc Boar Boyz Box, added feathers to the Boar from the Lizardman Warrior Plastic Box, chopped off the furry squig from the top of the staff and added axe head pieces from the Plastic Orc Boss Box, added a chain collar around the neck of the boar from the Plastic Giant Box, and lots of green stuff.

Base: Cork, static grass, sand, flock, foliage

Dirt (CP): Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Leather Brown

Rock (CP): Codex Grey, Fortress Grey, Linen White (RPP)

Primer: Black.

Colours -

Red Feathers (CP): Red Gore, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, Fiery Orange, Sunburst Yellow, Bad Moon Yellow

Blue Feathers (CP): Midnight Blue, w/ 75:25, 50:50, 25:75 Linen White, Icey Blue

Skin (CP): Dark Angels Green, 50:50, Snot Green, 50:50, Goblin Green, 50:50, Scorpion Green, Mist Green (RMS)

Feet Bandages (RMS): Dune Shadow, Desert Khaki, Desert Sand

Axe (RMS): Dark Flesh (CP), Bone Shadow, 50:50, Aged Bone, 50:50, Polished Bone, Brown Wash, Polished Bone, Chesnut Wash

Animal Skin (RMS): Cider Brown, 50:50, Volcano Brown, 50:50, Ash Brown, 50:50 w/Linen White

Animal hair (CP): Dark Skin, Blood Red, Blazing Orange, Fiery Orange, Merigold Yellow (RMS)

Bone/Teeth/Nails (RMS): Bone Shadow, 50:50, Aged Bone, 50:50, Polished Bone

Hand/Fish (RMS): Stormcover Grey, 50:50, Coldstone Grey, 50:50, Icy Grey

Tattoos (RMS): Burgundy Wine, Violet Red, Pale Violet, 50:50 w/Linen White

Gums (CP): Blood Red, Blood Red mixed with increasing amounts of Dwarf Flesh, Dwarf Flesh




And at CMON: Savage Orc Big Boss






Barbarian: Brom, Battle Troll, Bugbear Hero: Gronk Spliteye, Carrion 1, Carrion 2, Chaos Lord: Archaon, Civilians: Barmaid, Dwarf Cleric: Ivar Silverfist, Dwarf Demon Slayer (AoW), Dwarf Demon Slayer (GW), Dwarf Hero: Hagar, Dwarf Lord Leaning on Axe, Dwarf Lord with Hammer and Shield, Dwarf Lord: Ungrim, Slayer King, Dwarf Slayer (BFSP), Dwarf Thane (BFSP), Dwarven Ox Rider, Elf Fighter Mage: Ardynn D'Narg, Elf Hero: Anduriel Brightflame, Ghoul: Garravank the Ghoul King, Goblin Champion, Great Eagle/Bunny, High Elf Lord, Hound: Moor Hound, Imperial Wizard: Mounted Bright Wizard, Knight: Sir Guy the Red, Knight: The Strong, Minotaur: Gore, Mummy Lord: Khalith the Black, Night Goblin Big Boss with Axe, Ogre: Norr'Okk - Ettin, Prowler of the Abyss 1, Ranger: Mason Thornwarden, Reven Khakhan: Varaug, Reven No-Khan: Narg Bloodtusk, Savage Orc Big Boss on Boar, Skaven Warlord, Troll: Hill Troll, Wight Lord: Arrius the Black, Wood Elf Lord w/Great Sword, Yeti

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Dark elf: I think it's the combination of those particular browns and purples that I'm not sure about. What other colors are you planning on putting on there?


Dwarf: Brighten up those greens, add some green to the base, make both of the beard ties green.


Skaven: Do up those runes on the weapon and on the pole. Probably in the same reds you used on the cloak. Maybe add some blood around the places where the pole goes into the severed head.


Dragon ogre: Darker shadows on the red bits, brighter highlights on the brass bits so they pop more.


General thing -- remember the rule of three: Any major color you put on your mini should be visible in three places. That's partly for overall color balance, partly to tie the mini together visually, and just something I've noticed on most of the minis that I think look good.

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Darkened him up quite a bit. What do you all think? Dark enough. Another highlight? A wash?


Crunch: Is this better?


Axegrl: I remember the first time you told me about the rule of three... I had no idea what you were talking about. Now I know... You rock... Thanks. For the DE, not sure what colors to use. That is sort of where I am stuck. Maybe if I finish up the bone it will give me a better idea. On the Dwarf I have made all of the gems green, so I hope it helps (pics to come later). For the skaven, I have hit the runes with some very bright green (I remember reading something about warp stone so I figure these are chips of the stuff attached to the skaven). Dragon ogre, I have hit it with one more highlight of red/phoenix red, and plan to wash it some more. Thanks.

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MK, I do enjoy seeing how much you've progressed. You're so bloody prolific that I know if I make a suggestion and you agree, I'll see results in the next batch of minis within a month or less. *That* is fun. (Besides, I am waaaay better at theory than I am at practice when it comes to this stuff!)

Ok, a bit more done on the armour and a wash on the skin. What do you think, more washes on the armour?

okay, maybe it's my monitor, but that armor looks awfully green... and a yellowish-green, rather than a bluish-green like the skin. That makes too much green at the moment... and those greens do sorta clash imo. What kind of metal are you going for?

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Crunch: Will do.


Axegrl: Looking for an aged copper/bronze. The washes so far have been browns and greens, but maybe it needs a bit more green. I think the skin and armour look too similar because in my overzelousness I hit the skin with the same wash as the armour :down: ... so now I have to go back and redo the skin. Mostly done with that, will try to post pics soon. Thanks. Oh, and my progression is only due to the great advice that I constantly recieve at these forums (thanks).

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Thinking more on that dark elf... purple plus goldish plus (white or ivory or bone) should look okay with the brown.


Aside from that, which colors will work may depend on where you want to take the browns -- more reddish? more greyish? more towards a golden tan? or more towards a dulled, slightly-blued brown? (Sorry, but I don't do browns often enough to give you color or triad names for any of those. ::(: )

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Well, with my trip to airborne school I had put these guys aside for a bit. Now I pulled em back out, so hopefully more updates will be forthcoming. Anyway, the Slayer is done. You can check him out in the show off section.


Thanks for the tip on making the hair ties green, I think it really helped.

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That is an elder topic so maybe I'm to late, if not I would make following suggestions:


Dragon Ogre: Remind the words axegrrl said about the rule of three. In the case of the Dragon Ogre you could paint the scales in the same green you used for the gems at the belt and it also would be the complementary colour to red.


Skaven Warlord: I think he really looks great until now. Maybe a bit more highlighting at his cape and his pinafore. Colours look at bit dull but maybe it was your intention so it is hard for me to give you an advice here.


Dark Elf: I also think gold, grey and ivory in addition should work well together with the purple. Purple together alone with the brown wouldn't look so nice, but if you add some of the other colours I and others mentioned it should work great.

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Vhaidra: Never too late. I sort of neglected this thread for a while, but now I am back. I like the idea of green scales, but I am not sure if it will look good with the red skin (not that I have painted a lot of lizard types, but for some reason in my head when I think of lizards I think of dragons...) On the skaven, at first I was trying to keep him dull looking, but I think in order to get him going I need to bring some of those dingy clothe highlights up... maybe that will get me out of my painters block on him... The Dark Elf... The dragon is so cool looking and was fun to paint, but the rider is crap... I need to get back to work on him though :( Thanks so much.


Stern: To bad the company that was producing them went out of business. Supposedly someone bought the rights to all the molds and is going to start producing them again, but we'll see.

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