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Mousekiller WIP'S

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As promised, here is what I am calling the finished product (mostly because he is wrapped in some foam and sitting in a box waiting for me to take him to the Post Office)...


But, as I said before, it was a great experience for me as it took me out of my normal comfort zone and forced me to experiment with new things. I can say now that the 2 dimensional side, in my humble opinion, on a miniature, is where you find the real artists at (I have seen some really amazing stuff). This guy is far from that I think. But, as simple as it is, I think it came out OK. In the future I will try to experiment more with other designs and such, try to get away from the blockiness, stripes, etc that you normally see. Ahhh well, that is for the future. For now, back to some Goblins - as they need getting done.






And if you care to throw it a vote: IMPERIAL STANDARD BEARER

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