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Caerwynn, Elf Archer


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Hey everyone!


I've had this model on my table waiting to be painted for AGES, and I finally got around to it for GenCon. I didn't really expect the new red clay paints to turn out so pinkish, but oh well.. ;) She took 2nd place in the Reaper Manufacturer category! Yay!





You can also see more angles at my webpage.


While you're reading, you may as well take a look at my other entry, which took 3rd in the Diorama category, and 2nd in the Dark Sword Manufacturer Award.. :)




Thanks for looking,



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Top Posters In This Topic

Top notch work!

Out of curiosity,what beat you to first place? :rock:



In the Reaper part of the contest, Marike's absolutely beautiful and amazing mermaid outclassed me by a long shot.. ;)


In the diorama GenCon category, both Amy Brehm's rendition of DSM Parkinson's Demorgen & Marike's really cool diorama with some croc minis, and Amy's also got the top spot for Dark Sword. :)


All in all, not people to be ashamed of coming in behind.. :)


Thanks everyone!!



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