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New Procreate Putty

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These guys make it



Jeff Valent sells it


Initial Impressions:


I mixed up a small piece, and played with it. It's very soft initially, with minimal memory. It responds very well to 'mechanical' modeling, sharp edges, chainmail, chains, all sculpted very easily. As the putty cures, it becomes more burnishable. It's good stuff. I plan on using it for my next project.

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Jeff Valent does, but shipping is steep at $6.


I found that baker's parchment paper can be used to wrap the putties, as they won't stick to it. The


I have a terrible time peeling the yellow component of greenstuff from the plastic it came wrapped in. So I'm freezing my greeenstuff and re-wrapping it in parchment too.

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I was hoping that Reaper might start carrying this stuff as well. i am dieing to get my hands on some!

They do at The Asylum. Move down here to Denton. It worked for me! ::D:


But you can't use it there since it's 100F in the Dallas area and curing at temps over 95F are not recommended for Procreate. ::D:


Seriously, I wonder how that would affect use by Pro sculpters who use heat curing so they can work faster.

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Finally got my package today! Seems very nice at a first try. A smooth sword was quite a lot easier to do than with both green and brown stuff. Also tried a fifty fifty mix of green stuff and pro-create. That was good for working on an arm with a fairly loose sleeve containing a fair amount of wrinkles.

In the same pack I received a pack of Tamiya putty and tried out a skull with that. That one also felt quite nice to work with. Tomorrow I'll try a fifty fifty mix of tamiya-green stuff and a fifty fifty mix of tamiya-pro-create.


Personally I feel that there is no ONE "superputty" to meet all your needs but that a few different mixes for different needs is what's best for getting the job done.

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Funny thing:

Tamiya putty is very nonsticky

pro-create is very non-sticky

The two mixed together becomes EXTREMELY sticky.

After setting for a bit though it becomes a very soft and easy workable material (kind of like magic sculp but without the "transperancy" disadvantage of that putty) with a creamy white colour that is most pleasing for seeing your details well.

well well... experimentation continues :poke:

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I got my Pro-create just before GenCon and tried it out a little at the sculptor's meeting.


I really like this putty and have found the properties to be more amiable to my way of working than either brown or green stuff. Bring on the gray!


Bodhi - the transluceny of Magic Sculp has been troublesome for me too. They have different colors available now that get around that issue. I've found the brown to be very useful for weapon blades since you can see exaclty what has been filed and where. It's available here:


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I used some last night to repair some defects in a Reaper Warjack. The master apparently broke when the molds were made, and some details had broke off. So I had puttied it previously, but there were still areas that needed to be fixed.


Procreate is awesome for mechanical detailing as well. Just a few swipes with a wet tool, and a damaged piston was repaired. Brownstuff is quite a bit stiffer, and not nearly as responsive.

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Some more "Good Things"


Procreate sticks to cured procreate very well.


As it hardens, it becomes burnishable like GS, when fresh it's more like brownstuff. It takes both organic and mechanical hard edged modeling very well.


You can smear it out in a thin layer, and have it stick. Useful for fillinf gaps, or smoothing out a puttied surface. When I smear GS that thin, it tends to not stick, and the edge of the thin layer never fully blends in. Not so with procreate.

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