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New Procreate Putty

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Just an FYI on this topic. Impact! Miniatures will be carrying ProCreate in our store by the end of the month.


Planned Prices as of now should be:

USA: $9.00 ... shipping will be $4.00

Canada: $12.00 CAD ... shipping will be $4.50 CAD

UK: £8,00 ... shipping will be £2,50

Europe: 11,00€ ... shipping will be 4€


Quick footnote to the admins ... realizing this is Reaper's board ... if the admin have knowledge that Reaper is planning on carrying ProCreate ... PLEASE remove this post. I have no intention to come onto another company's board and mess with their sales. Thanks ... just was posting this because there are currently only two suppliers of this stuff in the world online and wanted to folks know that a 3rd was coming soon.

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What Bob Finkenauer explained to me was that there are two types of basics for epoxy putties. One is cheap but very aggressive while the other is expensive but far more friendly to the skin. ProCreate and the Polymeric putties are made of the later. So I expect that the safety of PC is similar to Green stuff. I can ask Bob for more info if you like.


Bye, Ming-Hua

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I played around with this stuff a little last week while sculpting a treasure guardian. At first I though it was good, it is soft, very workable and smooth. It retains a high degree of softness in its cured form though so I wouldn't recomend using it as un under support like some use brown stuff for,I also wouldn't recomend using it for a cape or other thin free flowing parts. I was even using a two to one ratio to make it harder and it was still very soft when cured, soft enough to put a fingernail impression on it with little force 24 hours later. I did the same test with Green stuff and couldn't leave a mark with my fingernail. In conclusion, (take this with a grain of salt and try it for youself as I'm no veteran,) its good for fine detail, especially faces but I 'm gonna stick with the good old Green stuff.

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