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My Gencon Special Report


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I was lucky enough to go to Gencon in Indy this year and I took a lot of pictures and talked to quite a few people there. I also dropped way too much money at the Reaper booth (but man, they had so many minis I needed).


Anyways, this report covers most of the metal miniature companies, if you want to read my take on the con and the companies that attended, please check it out!






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Awesome report.

The people at the reaper booth where awesome. Even helped me find the silver paints since I couldn't see them at all. (They where right in front of me :blush: )


The people at the Darkage booth where really cool too, as well as the Magnificent Egos booth.


I am slightly disapointed no one was carrying freebooter miniatures though.

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A very good report!


And, I agree with you: the best product in the show that I picked up was the Slip Grip Mat. I actually got two: the large version for my home work surface and the smaller one for when I travel. I should have thought to pick up one as a place mat for my preschooler though!



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the mat does look like a great item to pick up, pretty much a given that I'll smack something & knock it over (thou, with dropper bottles that part has been curbed thou)


nice reviews & nice pics, also nice to see some faces from Rcon (like Sandra & Michael Brower (one sculptor I got to talk to & none of the conversation pertained to sculpting, ha ha)


seen the photos, really makes me want to go next year!!



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