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Alternating Activation

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As you have probably noticed. You keep asking other people to give it a try, and we keep telling you that we dont want to.


We can all agree that if your group wants to then that is fine. Do what works for you.


We, for the most part prefer to stick to the rules as written for that area.


And I have played with the bead system for about 6 months now, and as long as my opponent agrees to it, prefer it over the card method. So, that is my "House" rule that I play by when possible. This is to show that I am not completely anal about playing by the exact rules...


Just in the case of the alternating system.. just showing that if someone wants to, they will..

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So far I have kept silent on this issue because those in the know know I like the card system and tend to get pretty vocal about using something else. One house rule we came up with was really very minor: whoever has the last card for the turn, be it a tactician card or one for a now-dead unit, shuffles the deck for the next turn and the opponent cuts and flips the first card.


I don't know how many times a turn has come down to the initial flip of the turn. Both opponents are doing their version of a card-flipping-bring-the-mojo-to-my-side dance. Then, one guy starts doing the Lord of the Dance routine in joy while the other is beating his head against the table! :lol:


I find that a lot more appealing than pulling some beads out of a bag. The initiative phase was one of the aspects that lured me to the game to begin with. But, I would suspect that if Reaper would have adopted another form of determining initiative if they felt it was a viable option. My opinion of course. ::):


Wild Bill :blues:

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