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Heroes of Vigil City


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"Extra, extra! Get your Vigil Gazette! Hot outta the press! Get your Vigil Gazette! Only a quarter!" a newspaper boy yells.


Another morning in Vigil City, a large, teeming center of industry, commerce, and everything American. Right about this time, devoted readers, traffic is thickening. People are going to work, leaving home after a hearty breakfast, stopping for coffee on the way to another payday.


And today, readers, is another morning for the restless wicked that thrives under this innocent curtain that drapes over our beloved metropolis. Fear not, citizens of Vigil City! For, from atop the roof of an apartment flat, our city's tireless heroes gather as they watch the evil unfold, called to this spot by an unknown voice they've heard in their sleep. They know not each other, but today, on this early morning, they meet with a common purpose.


In an alleyway underneath from where the heroes are, a young lady walks by, oblivious to any risk or danger until one of such things appeared from behind from behind the cover of a large alley dumpster.


"Gimme all yer money, toots!" the thug shouts, holding a gun to the waist of a poor innocent woman as his other hand claps over her mouth, stiffling her screams into weak muffles.


A block away, a loud drilling alarm rings as an armored van drives through the doorway of a bank and four masked thugs pour out. The cops arrive, only to find the robbers shooting at them from the barricaded entrance.


Screams erupt from a nearby diner as a gang of mindless hoodlum thrashes the place and holds the owner hostage.


Will our heroes be strong enough to save this day? Wait, dear readers, and see...

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"Gentlemen, I'm not sure who you are, or why we're here, but at the moment, that's not something I can dwell on too long. There's a young lady below in distress. Perhaps we can discuss this further at another time."


The Phantom becomes insubstanial and phases through the roof of the building in the direction of the alley.






Only to silently reappear through the ground, about 10 paces directly behind the mugger.


The Phantom holds his hands in gun shapes and stands in a position reminiscent of a western gunslinger ready for a gunfight. The Phantom coughs loudly enough to get the mugger's attention. [see OOC thread]



[OOC] The Phantom prepares for the mugger to turn towards the noise and pull the gun slightly away from the woman's waist so that he can fire a spirit blast to disarm the thug. If the thug manages a shot at him, he will phase so that the bullet passes through him harmlessly [/OOC]

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Giving a quick glance around at the other obviously super powered beings, Pulse leans over the edge of the building due to the clammor rising from below. Looking over his shoulder at one of the hero's announcement he's assured that at least one of situations is in hand and that justice is needed elsewhere.

"That bank's playing my song," Pulse says with a grin. "Introductions will have to wait."

Arcing up into the powerlines he speeds into the bank silently appearing behind the robbers keeping low as he builds power.



[see OOC]

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"It's been a moment of pleasure meeting you chaps but it seem there's mischief afoot!"


With a single leap the Cave cricket lands on the wall of the bank. He crawls in across the ceiling where the armored car burst through the wall.


Drawing his pistol he takes aim at the weapon of one of the robbers...

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Eddie Cadenbaugh looks up from his three plates of steak and eggs as the screams begin. Oh, no, not in here, he thinks, as he watches the hooligans begin to destroy the place. Eddie shakes his head. Three years he's been coming to Pop's Diner. Pop cooks the best plate of steak and eggs in Vigil City. This place is Eddie's haven, his place to go when things are messed up. The people are friendly, and don't mind if your coffee gets refilled forty times, they never charge extra. Nothing bad ever happens here, not at Pop's. Until today that is, and that makes Eddie want to do something he hasn't done in a while....Get charged up.



As soon as the hoods grab Pop, Eddie stands up, all without taking time to slide his chair back. Table, steak, eggs, coffee, and hash browns fly everywhere. Eddie doesn't notice. He turns to the thug holding Pop. "Hey!!!" he begins in a loud, booming voice. "I really think you wanna let the old man alone, jackass. You're liable to catch a bad case of beaing beat the #$% out of!!!"


He stands there, all 6' 10" of him, fists down by his sides, staring down the thug. He releases a little of his power, not much, just a trickle. Just enough to give his fists the slightest blue-white glow. He knows that he doesn't actually need to charge to handle these clowns, but he hopes that his glowing hands will scare them into just running away.



In the back of his mind, he can't help but think that he was supposed to meet some people this morning, but can't remember where.

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As the rest of our heroes prepare to meet the vicious acts that have been wrought upon our defenseless city, a thickly-built man suddenly finds himself in the middle of one of these shocking disturbances. A band of common neighborhood thugs have attacked a humble diner with only mischief and havoc as their goal, but they found that they faced a threat they never expected. For the herculean Eddie Cadenbaugh was eating there that morning.


"What the-! Who da hell are you, holmes?!" the leader says. Startled at the sight of the large man standing up, the hoodlum spins the old man around and grabs Pop in a headlock and, with his other hand, flicks a switchblade to hold againstthe elderly owner's throat. Judging from their looks and accents, they were young hispanics, and the golden yellow of the bandanas wrapped around their heads gave them away as members of the 17th St. Vaqueros, a small-time barrio gang.


Most of the diner's occupants, trapped as two of the thugs stood between them and the exit, either resorted to standing with their backs against the wall or sat down among the booths, frightened. The other 4 hoodlums, only slightly nervous and unsure about the man's glowing hands, only clutched their weapons tighter, an assortment of chains, knives, and lead pipes.


[OOC- For all the other players, this event is happening before all of your other actions. If any of you show up here in our current "round", it will probably be during this confrontation.]

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Eddie knows that he can't react fast enough to keep Jackass from cutting Pop's throat, so he tries again to keep the attention focused on himself. "You sure are brave. Got some real balls on you to come in and threaten unarmed folks like this, hold a knife to an old man's throat. What're ya gonna do later, huh? Strongarm third-graders for their lunch money? Whatta ya say, huh? Let the old man and the rest of these folks go, and I'll stay. Give you guys a shot at the title." He lets go of his power, and his hands cease their glow. "Or are you chicken?"

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And so our brave heroes act in order to bring down justice upon their malignant foes. Putting their lives on the line, they rush blindly forward to protect and to serve Vigil City.




Hearing a cough, the robber, realizing someone is standing behind him, turns, and, without thinking, raises his gun to meet his assailant. The poor lady screams as she finds herself being used as a human shield!

"Save me!" the poor woman yells desperately.




A beam of green energy surges forth from the Phantom's gun-shaped hand, striking the thug in the shoulder, missing the innocent girl by an inch. Knocked back by such a powerful force striking him in the chest, the mugger could barely let out a groan as he finds himself flung against a dumpster. While he tries to stand up and recover from the blow, the woman quickly runs to her rescuer, hiding behind him.


"You'll pay for that, you!" the man snarls.


CuCulain & Outcast-


The police sirens wail as the red and blue glows lights up the marble-white walls of the Vigil City Bank. The front door was gone, replaced by a huge gapping hole from which the van's taill protruded from where it plowed. Suddenly, an insect-like shape crawls down the wall towards the hole.

"Who is that?" a cop yells, pointing to the shadowy figure skittering down the white walls of the bank.

Inside, 3 masked and armed robbers crouch behind cover as they trade shots with the cops while another holds a gun to a clerk's head as she empties the bank's safe.


Racing through powerlines, Pulse sparks out from a clock behind the counter, surprising the robber who was supervising the hostage's actions.


"AAaaaggghhh!!!" the robber yells, clutching his hand as an electric bolt discharges from the electrifying hero's hands, sparking his firearm and sending it flying across the room.


Hearing his yells, the other robbers cease-firing and turn to face him, seeing their new threat. But, just as they do so...




Two well-placed shots snatch the weapons from their wielder's hands. The third barely misses as Cave Cricket's hand shook, the bullet whistling past the robber's hand and digging itself into hard plaster.

"Holy sh-!!!" the still-armed thug yells as he spins around, crouching and firing three shots into Cricket, all of which bounced off his armor.


While the robber behind the counter still clutches his hands in pain, the other two, seeing their guns on the floor, runs to get them while their comrade kept Cricket busy.




"Chicken? You callin' me a chicken, eh vato?!" the leading gangmember shouts, the word obviously hitting the wrong, or perhaps, the right, nerve.


Violently, the leader slams old Pops against the back counter, knocking him unconscious, while he, armed with his switchblade, jumps over the counter to confront Eddie. His friends, obviously not letting anyone out, stand and form a ring around the two opponents, making an arena typical of a streetfight, only this was indoors.


"Alright, gringo! You want to dance with us street vatos, eh? Well, let's dance, pendejo!" the leader says with a grin, tossing his blade from one hand to the other as he gets himself into a knife-fighting stance.

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The gangbanger flinches from the jab but just he was about to lunge with his deadly blade, Eddie's right hook collides with his jaw, sending a spray of blood-saturated saliva. The thug staggers for a bit before falling back against a booth. Could he be out of the fight??? Unfortunately not, as he jumps up stubornly, pushes off the assistance from his friends, and holds his blade again. A bruise began to turn purple on his cheek where Eddie delivered the blow.


"You gonna regret that, vato! Me and my homes'll you regret it!" he growls. "Vamos muchachos!!!"


Just then, Eddie finds the circle of thug closing on him. From behind, a thick pipe nails him in the back, but, just as he turned to face this, two of the dastardly youths jump upon his back, stabbing and striking with knives and clubs, intent on bringing down this sequoia of a man!


Eddie is now faced on all sides with enemies, and they were upon him like wolves!




Outkast & CuCulain-


"Surrender you ruffians, and I'll go easy on you."


But as he spoke those words, Cave Cricket leaps forth into the air and, like a silvery arrow, strikes down upon his opponent. The robber barely even had time to slide a new clip into his Browning double-action pistol, much less answer this zealous superhero's call!




The handgun flew from the robber's hand while the robber himself flew from the ground, landing three feet away into a decorative planter, sending up a cloud of dirt and various shrubs. There was a weak groan before his eyes roled and he fell back unconscious into a bushy plant.


The two other robbers, seeing a crackling forcefield between them and their weapons, stared at each other for a moment. As if exchanging an "Are you thinking what I am thinking?" "Yeah, we're in deep crap, yeah?" "Yeah.", they both raised ther hands up, a universal sign of surrender.


The robber who was behind the counter, however, did not do so nor was he kept at bay by Pulse's forcield. In fact, he stood only a few paces away from our sparking protagonist, and stood there he did. Pulse could feel as if he was glaring at him. What does this evil-doer have in mind? What could he possibly do?

As the two stared at each other, Pulse notices the pistol-grip of a firearm portruding from the right side of this robber's brown-leather jacket. But the robber did not move, as if waiting.


Outisde, the sirens were silenced and marching foosteps could be heard running up the bank's marbled steps.

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Seeing the pistol grip barely showing from the hood's jacket Pulse begins building energy for a quick bolt while maintaining the low powered shield. Seeing as the others had surrendered, Pulse decided to let the remaining robber a chance to do the right things and surrender. If he should go for the pistol it would be kid gloves off and time to see just how fast lightning really is. "Your friends have done the wise thing, time to follow their example."

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[OOC] Sorry for the delay in posting [/OOC]


The Silver Phantom turns his head slightly back towards the young woman, his mirror covered face hiding the fact he is still looking directly at the hoodlum as he addresses her.


"Ma'am, if you could stay close, just in case he's dumb enough to shoot."


The Phantom reaches a hand back to make sure he is in physical contact with the woman in the event he has to phase, knowing she too will phase with him. The Silver Phantom turns to look squarely at the hoodlum.


"Son, be smart and kick that heater over here. You won't like my method of payment otherwise."


The Silver Phantom prepares to give the foolish hoodlum two fingers worth of Spirit Blast, which should render a normal human stunned, if he is dumn enough to try and fire.

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"Boys, it sounds like we need a welcoming comittee," CC says to the hooligans that had surrendered."If you boys would be so kind as to keep those hands up and move outside."


Not turning away from the two, CC moves over to the shattered planter and hand-cuffs the unconcious crook.


"Oh and I'd walk real slowly too, if I was you," he adds to the others as an after thought.

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