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Heroes of Vigil City


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"So, you got some coffee to offer your guests?"


The Phantom catches up to the Cave Cricket and fully materializes.

"They should have something in here that can make a decent cup of coffee. You should see some of the stuff he's got in this place. The computer alone is something I'd kill to have back at my lab. The work I could probably do with it. The technology available in here is simply staggering. I didn't get a chance to see his hangar, since that's about the time that Ole 001 interrupted me, but the construction of this facility is absolutely out of this world."


The Phantom pauses for a second, his natural curiosity and love of science getting the better of him.


"So, um, Templar. Just curious. Are you, you know, not from around here. Like another planet or timeline or something. The tech you have is so far beyond anything I've ever come across."

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Templar chuckles as he walks


"You know, after fifty years of this, coffee doesn't usually come to mind. I have a adrenaline boosters, but I doubt you need such a thing. I'll tell Father Patrico to get some later, if you want." Templar says, his voice still distorted, as if by some mask. Even standing up close to him, you can't see under the shadow of his mood other than a slight gleam. Some sort of visor, perhaps?


"I was born British, if you consider Britain alien." he says with a wry laugh.


"As for the technology of this... humble abode, if can put it that way. It's the result of constant update almost yearly, you could say. You'd be surprised what kind of technology is available if you have the wealth."


"Come, this way." Templar says, and leads you down snaking corridors. You pass a T intersection, and the sign on it shows you are heading towards the War Room, away from the Hangar and the Service Elevator.

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If ya wanted ta kill me, ya'd have to bring a whole helluva lot more than metal robots, Eddie thinks. He smiles a bit while remembering all the super-death robots he encountered while working for the government. Robots are so fun to smash.


He follows the others silently, never powering down his fists. He remains silent until the mention of coffee. "Oh, yeah. Coffee'd be good right now. And maybe some donuts."

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With a nod, Templar taps an intercom button on the wall, which looks like any other rivet in the wall, but it clicked upon the knight's touch.


"Father Patrico?" he speaks as if to no one. Suddenly, you hear a radio noise comming from a communications unit somewhere on Templar's costume.


"Yes, my son?"


"May I bother you for half a dozen cup of coffee and a dozen's worth of donuts, please? We'll eat in the war room, thank you."


"May I ask who this is for?" the priest's voice asks (Pulse recognizes the voice of the priest he had confronted earlier).


"Our guests, Father."


"Guests? B-b... but, no one came to me! How could they have found their way inside?" Patrico asks.


"They took the back door..." Templar says with a chuckle, and the channel went dead at a click.


"You must excuse Father Patrico. He's quite a worrysome fellow, but he's a good man. I owe much to him. He and my father built much of this underground facility. Well, rebuilt may be a more appropriate term here. These hallways were formerly catacombs centuries ago. Our Order maintanted a secret outpost here in the main atrium of the ancient catacomb network. They would have marked tombs where they hid swords, armor, and munitions. Well, now, the same concept applies..."


As he walks into the light, you notice the color of his vestment. Templar is medium height but carries musuclar bulk under his shirt and leggins, either from armor or muscles or both. His cape and hood is a rich, dark scarlet, with intricate, muted details embossed on its fabric.

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I try to recover the arrow that missed Templar, if I can. Then I catch up with the rest of the group.


"So this was all a test?" "Why not send a letter or telephone call, would save you some cleanup bills in the end" Cypher says while walking down the hall.


"Also could you bring some tea as well, not much a coffee drinker, gives me headaches, thanks."

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In the darkness, Cyphershot only found two of the arrow, but only one of them is not broken (the one that missed, the other shattered on the gauntlet). By the time she catches up, they group is about ten paces from a large bulkhead door down the corridor.


"Tea. THAT, I have..." Templar says with a chuckle.


"A test? More like an evalutation of your skills. It is obvious all of you are gifted in some ways. Thus, I have need for... enhanced beings to help our cause. Have any of you heard of the Knights Templar?" Templar asks.

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"I have not but from the name is sounds like a chivalric order, much like knightly orders of my world, or at least the human lands have them, my people had something similar but were not really knights, more or less defenders of the realm, but same thing really, just different ideals."


"Are there others in your group or are you & the holy man the only living beings in this complex?"


"Funny you say alien, I'm much more alien then most here, being from anther world not even on any charts, but you look like a normal human being"

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As you all follow him, Templar takes a left at the bulkheads, heading down a long hallway. The signs read Service Elevator (pointed at the door), Locker Room (pointing down the right corridor towards another large steel doorway), and War Room/ Armory/ Living Quarters down the corridor you are now heading.


"Yes, a knightly order is correct. Once, there were several of us, my father and my uncle included. But now, only I and Father Patrico are left." he says.


You all walk past another branching corridor section. The sign says Armory/ Security Station F

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"Aye, back door. There are at least three entrances into the catacomb." Templar says before turning back to face phantom. "Well, at least for most people..." he adds with a chuckle.


"The main entrance we use is inside the church, underneath the altar. This activates the service back there..." he says, thumbing in the direction of large bulkhead you all have passed.


"The other is in the hangar bay, which is hidden under a large section hidden underneath the garden outside the church."


There is a silent pause as you continue to follow him. You all pass another forking path before finally arriving at another set of huge bulkhead doors, this one a dead end. Templar moves to the door and keys in something on the pad.


"You are all wondering perhaps why I am letting you in on so much information, both about this place and about myself... That's because I have proposition I would like to have you all hear."


And then, the door's large circular lock spins one revolution. Steam hisses out as it depressurizes the segment inside. Then, after several loud clicks from unlocking bolts, the door cranks open. Beyond it, you hear another cranking and you see, through the openning crack, another identical blast door openning. A ray of light from whatever laid ahead hits you, almost blinding you in the dimly lit hallways.


"Follow me." Templar says, and walks through the doorways into the room beyond.


"You heard the [Maker]" you all hear 001 saying from behind. "[Accelerate] up."

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