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Heroes of Vigil City


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Eddie looks at his companions, and at Templar, and says simply, "Let's go." His eyes change, then, grow colder, and his normal kindly expression becomes blank, as he readies himself for combat. He doesn't hesitate as he steps into the simulator.

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"I believe I will remain out here, just to be sure."

Behind his mirrored faceplate the Phantom's eyes narrow to slits as he looks at the Templar, still not completely willing to trust him at this point.


"Eddie, try not to break anything too badly, it seems this is one of our host's favorite toys."

A wry grin appears on the Phantom's lips behind his faceplate.

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While Cricket, Pulse, and Eddie proceeds down to the simulation unit, the rest of the crew remains in the command room watching Templar enter several codes.


Down in the simulator, the large blast door closes behind the three heroes as they find themselves inside of a sphere lined with mirrors, like a disco ball turned inside out. Above them, they see a large, remolving gimmicks, a bit like a light unit or some kind of projector. They look around but can't seem to see the control room, probably a one way mirror in which the observer watches out at the people down there.


Templar speaks into an intercom, which, down in the simulator, is heard from above in a small speaker built into the projector.


"Alright, I shall start the program for the generic urban brawl. Just to inform you ahead so you aren't frightened... The machine runs on both holographic projectors and psychic emmiters inside that thing above you... you will endure some sense of preliminary blindness and nausea, just for a few seconds, but it will go away. Alright... I'm starting the simulation protocols..." he says.


"Have fun." he adds.


Then, a white light activates from the projector, and, with a bright flash, all three in the simulatior are blinded.


From up in the control room, Phantom and Cyphershot watch as the projector shines its white beam of light all around. The viewscreen begins to tint a light dark blue to keep the glare from blinding the people inside. The machines hums wildly, and there is a great rattling noise comming from the simulator room. When the white light begins to die down, the control room light turns off, leaving only the glow of the control consoles. Looking down into the simulator, you can see shapes beginning to form, holographic creations appearing into existence. Within moments, the spherical room is replaced by a view into an urban playground, enclosed by chainlink fences and surrounded by unaccessible city buildings. You can all see the three heroes standing in the middle. Templar enters something into the console.


Down in the simulator, the three heroes recover from their blindless and splitting migraine to find themselves in an urban playground, like one of the many found in the urban-residential areas of Vigil city. It's enclosed by chainlink fences, although you can't seem to find any gates leading out. There are scattered objects, two basketball hoops on both sides of the playground and a basketball lying near Eddie's feet (yes, you could, theoretically speaking, play virtual b-ball, if you think about it). On the side are a few wooden benches and a wooden picnic table and, on the opposite end of the court, there are three rusted bycicles chained to the fence. The sky above is a flat blue dashed with white clouds. Everything in the world looks, and even feels upon touch, to be real, but there still is something very artificial about the objects, as if whoever put them there tried too hard to make it seem lifelike.


Then, with no warning, you all hear the fences rattle as a dozen street thugs begin to climb over the fences and hop down into the playground. They are wearing a variety clothing from basketball jerseys to leather jackets to t-shirts and some are top-naked. In their hands, they wield all sorts of weapons from bike chains to pipes, baseball bats, and crowbars. They line up on one side of the b-ball court and, with a great shout, charge you with all weapons swinging.


Cricket finds himself facing 3 opponents, and he narrowly dodges the flurry of blows comming at him. A bat misses his head by an inch as he ducks, and he stands up to side dodge a lashing chain rattling past him before finding himself staring at a thug charging with a knife.


Eddie, being the largest one, is ganged by 5 hoodlums as they savagely climb onto his very back, trying to drag him to the ground. Three of them, armed with blunt weapons, begin to attack his knees (the blows, to the giant, feeling like light punches but, nonetheless, the pain seems quite real). Two more of them hop on to his backs, slashing and stabbing with their knives, each feeling like mosquito pricks and papercuts.


Pulse, too, finds himself facing 4 thugs who, rather than attacking him, begin to circle him like vulture, waiting for him to make the first move, ready to jump him.

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(Sorry for the delay, busy w/ summer school)


Those up in the command room watch, as if a movie is playing, the issue ensue.


Over on the left, Eddie is ganged by the thugs on his back. Reaching behind, he manages to push one off and grab another, pulling the hoodlum kicking and punching from his back. Yet as he pulls one off, another jumps on him from the front and clutches him around the chest like a wrestler. He punches mercilessly for the face, landing at least five blows and repeating this furious pounding.


Meanwhile, Cricket jumps behind the thug and shoots him in the leg. The bullet hits him in the back of the shin and probably shatters the bone, because he screams in agony and tumbles onto the floor, his knife clattering against the asphalt. However, as he straightens, Cricket is caught off guard by the chain-wielding thug and, in a blur of movement, the metal chain shoots out from behind his head and suddenly lashes itself around his neck, garroting him. With every breath he takes, each one seems to become harder and harder to breathe in. He hears from his left ear an ecstatic cackle from his attacker while in front of him, he notices the bat-wielding thug walking over the body of his wounded friend and coming at you with his weapon.


Pulse unleashes powerful sparks into the hands of his aggressors. Two of them are shocked and clutches their hands in pain. Another, wearing brass knuckles, screams as the electricity flows through his hand and sears his flesh. He manages to remove it, and falls to his knees, grasping at his burnt hand. The fourth jumps out of the way, the bolt flying stray and hitting the chain link fence, the spark flowing through the fences and up severals light poles connected to the fence posts, shattering several bulbs and turning a few on. However, before he could react, the fourth thug savagely tackles the hero to the ground. Everything goes white for a second with an aching pain in the chest, but as Pulse recovers from having the wind knocked out of his chest, he suddenly feels a second aching pain from his back and realizes he is lying with his back on the pavement, staring up at the blue sky. Suddenly, he sees the fourth thug appear, looking down at him, and the hoodlum begins to stomp on him while he is down.

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(OOC--sorry for the no posts guys with this one, lately haven't been a supers mood, even canceled my City of Heroes/Villians game account, mainly cause the lack of interest. I'll try & get a post on here today or tomorrow for sure, hopefully I can catch up with the rest of the group & not make to much of a headache on Vinny in the process. Again sorry for the long abcsence for this one, RM OOC)

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