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Heroes of Vigil City

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"Hey woah, woah! Ok! Ok! Don't shoot me with that thing no mo'!" the mugger suddenly pleaded, staring fearfully at Phantom's deadly trigger fingers, obviously intimidated.


"Come on, man! I just needed some dough! Come on..." he said, holding his revolver and rolling out the cylinder. It was empty.


"Hey, see? Its not even loaded. See?" he explained. "I just need cash man. How am I supposed to eat, eh?"


The young lady was still standing, clutching on to the Phantom's arm, shaking.

"Don't let him hurt me!" she whimpered.



Outkast and CuCulain-


Seeing no further point in drawing out the conflict, the malicious criminals who've surrendered placed theirs hand behind their heads and slowly turned away and paced to the door. The one that Cave Cricket had to drag out from the planter could barely moan and was limp as a ragdoll. But evil had not yet been vanquished on this day.


The still armed robber, his injured hand still by his side and with an extra gun in his holster, stood there silent. The sound of approaching footsteps grew louder from the outside, and the shouts of "Police! Get down! Get down!" could be heard. The robber only stared at Pulse. A breeze blew a few drifting bank forms across the room as this tense confrontation continued.


And he went for his gun.


Pulse's hands shot out a corruscating bolt of electricity that snaped at the air, crackling furiously before it found its the target and gave him a potent jolt.. The robber screamed before falling back against the counter, the electricty flowing off of the man's body and along the metal rim of the clerk's desk, sending sparks from various electronic equipment. When it all passed, the robber staggered a bit, his muscles completely stiff from the shock. His clothes were smoking at places, and, as he tried to step forward, he stumbled and fell forward face-down on the marble floor.

It was then that the city's vigilant police force entered.


"Police!" "Down on the ground!" "Everyone, down on the ground! NOW!"


They were all clad in their blue uniforms except for one, who was the first to enter. He wore brown slacks and a white shirt, sleeves roleld up at the elbow, a loosened red tie hanging from his neck. He had a gaunt, stern face, a cigarette clenched between his teeth. Cluthed in his hand was a monstrous 44. Magnum revolver, which he now pointed indiscriminatingly at Cave Cricket and Pulse, our righteous heroes!


"That includes you, ya costumed lunatics! On the floor... now." he growled to our misunderstood savior. A dozen police firearms were pointed at them now.

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[OOC]I also apologise for the delay.[/OOC]



Eddie shrugs off the various stabs, punches, kicks, and whatever else the gang members are throwing at him, and dishes out some punishment of his own, lefts and rights being thrown at anything coming his way.


"Would somebody call the freakin' cops already?" he yells at the crowd. "I'm havin' a hard time not killin' these punks."




And still, in the back of his mind, the thought remains. Man, I know I had somewhere to be this mornin'.

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Pulse slowly raises his hands while shifting his foot towards the nearest electrical outlet. There was no reason to give these officers difficulty but they had a tendency to not understand the desire for anonimity. Once close enough to arc (or should a distraction occur) its back to the rooftop to find out why I was summoned there.

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A brawl of magnificent theatrical value unfolded within this humble eaterie, but it was not amusing in seeing such contestants duking it out. It was rather terrifying, although the patrons did not know who to be terrified of. None even dared to move from where they hid, should a knife cut them or Eddie's hands clobber them into jelly. Not a single person even dared step towards the cleared doorway, as if expecting something, or someone, to be thrown in that general direction.


"Take THAT, hombre!!!" shouted one would-be criminal, swinging a brass-knuckled fist upwards into Eddie Cadenbaugh's iron stomach.

There was crack from several finger bones and the young man's face contorted in a shocked look of pain. A swing from the Goliath-like fist knocked whatever sense was left in his brain. the boy staggered, tripping over a fallen cup before landing on his back.


One down...


A second hoodlum came at Eddie from behind with a knife, but the blade did not seem to puncture flesh. It merely scraped skin like a brand-new razor. It was like striking at thick leather with a butter scrapper. The thug, expecting blood, did not even have time to ponder over the strange outcome of his attempt. A hammer of a fist drove down on him and sent him off to the dreamy starry night of unconsciousness.


And another was down for the count!


Suddenly, a thick wooden bat crashed violently against the back of Eddie's skull, sending him staggering back slightly. Splinters and chunks of broken oak or some other woodstuff fell to the floor. It alone would have been enough to split open the head of any normal man, but Eddie wasn't a normal man, as these troublesome troublemaker recently found out. It wasn't painful, not enough to even minorly injure Eddie, but it was unexpected, and it gave ground between our hulking hero and the remainder of his foes.


"Come on, ese!" the leader said, slightly nervous but still aggresive. They were taunting Eddie to attack, going on the defensive as if it might offer them an advantage. "You gonna come or what?" "Bring it on! Come on!"

"Or are you chicken, eh, payaso?" the leader added with a sly grin. "Yeah! You afraid, huh?" "Stupid lil' gringo! He's scarred!"


A switchblade, a broken soda-pop bottle and the remains of a good bat were held at the ready by their violent hands.

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"Son," The Silver Phantom calmly states. "I can understand your desire to eat, but harming this young woman and robbing her is no way to accompish that goal. Clear the chamber and toss the heater over here, and we can see what we can do to help you out."


"Ma'am, I have no intention of allowing you to come to harm. In fact, if you like, I think it's perfectly fine for you to be on your way now."


Leveling a gaze in the direction of the hoodlum. "Son, don't you agree this young lady has been through enough? She should be able to leave here without any further interference from you, correct? Then perhaps you and I can find a way to help you out that won't hurt yourself or the other fair people of Vigil City."


[OOC]The Silver Phantom prepares to let the young woman leave, keeping his eyes firmly on the young hoodlum, ready to stop him from further mayhem. Once the woman leaves, the Phantom is willing to talk to the young man, try and get him back on his feet, connecting him to several local food pantries and worksites that are reputable. The Phantom will get his name in the event he decides to be a repeat offender, then kid gloves are off. If the lad isn't willing to listen, or decides to become violent, it's a quick and hard KO, and a visit to the local police station.[/OOC]

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Eddie looks at the leader standing there with the concious remains of his posse, taunting him, and his shoulders slump. He lets out a sigh of aggrivation and shakes his head. When he speaks, his voice is low and calm, as if he were speaking to a child.


"Are you really that stupid? Can't you see I'm not even trying? I could crush your head with one hand if I wanted, and so far, I've been knocking your friends unconcious. You can leave. Now. Take your wounded and get out of here. I won't even call the cops. Just go. You can't hurt me, and I will not let you hurt these people. Don't let your pride get you killed. It ain't worth it."

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Proving that there were no cartridges left in his pistol, the petty crook spun the cylinder a few times before, against Phantom's wishes, pocketing it in his leather jacket. Holding up two hands, as if he meant no harm, the thug began to step backwards, slowly.


"Hey man, my gun's got nothin', see? See? Uhhh... I ain't got time to chat, man. I'm really sorry! I really am! Just lemme go. I'll be on my way, I swear!" the mugger mumbled, again, gaining distance bit by bit, as if, at any moment, he would dash away and never look back.


The lady, as uncooperative as the thief, kept nagging at the Pantom's arm, clutching him as if sufferring from a melodramatic fright.

"Keep him away! Ohhh! Keep him away!" she pleaded with a breaking voice.




"Ehhh, come on! We can take him, Ricky!"

"Yeah, come on!"


Ricky, as the leader was called, hesitated. He held his knife ready, but Eddie could see a look of doubt on his face. A swollen bump had grown even larger where our gargantuan hero had delivered the painful blow to his face. Only a while ago, that face had been a mask of foolish, fiery youth. Now, it was unsure, uncertain, and doubtful (and injured, at that).

There was a long, tense pause as the gang leader looked at Eddie Cadenbaugh, up and down, glaring with burning eyes.


"Vamonos." he finally spoke in a low voice.


"Vamonos!" he shouted again before, slowly, taking a few steps back in the direction of the exit and walked out from the diner.


The other two gangbangers, after realizing the brawl was over, trudged carefully up towards Eddie and began to drag away their friends, lifting them to their feet and helping them out. Just as they all walked off, the boy carrying the bat turned back and spat on the floor.

"You lucky!" he shouted, "You lucky, gringo! We'd have mess you up good. Real good, hombre!"

Before he left, he swung the remnants of his club at the entrance window, smashing a crack into the glass screen, before flinging it at Eddie. After a few insulting hand gestures, he took off in a run. There was a dreadful noise as the youngster's car drove off with a roar, before all was quiet.


None of the diner's occupants moved.


CuCulain, Outkast-


"Hey, get down! What are you doin'? Hey!" the leading policemen shouted as Cave Cricket took off in a giant leap that flung him nimbly over their heads.


"Shoot him! Shoot the loony 'for he gets away!" the cop barked.


All of the officers instinctively aimed their guns up at him, giving Pulse the perfect opportunity to arc into a nearby outlet, disappearing in a puff of electric sparks and smoke.

However, Cricket did not leave so unscathed as his partner. A volley of gunblasts met him as he took his leap, feeling at least three well-aimed rounds bouncing heavily off of his armor. It was, indeed, a mighty leap, a desperate one as well, for Cricket managed to nail the rooftop, only at the edge. His landing slightly missed the edge, and he tripped finding himself clinging to the roof gutter. Bullets clattered against the brick wall next to him and even recklessly shattered someone's window. Yet, Cave Cricket finally managed to climb over to safety. Then, the shooting stopped, but Cricket could hear a few sirens dispersing, probably to search for him and Pulse.


Down in the streets, the remaining policemen gazed, speechless. They had never seen someone capable of making such a jump, and it amazed them greatly. Well, all of them but one.

"What y'all gawping at?! Get a team in there and escort those dirtbags out o' there!" the detective barked impatiently, holstering his huge Magnum. "Get some cruisers! I want them crazy costumed freaks caught, you understand??? Caught! Now go!"

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The Cave Cricket looks himself over and judges himself to be fairly intact. Taking a moment to catch his breath he sits down with his back against one of the AC units. He looks over at The Pulse, and speaks.


"Friend, I don't know who you are but it seems that someone has an agenda for us. Allow me to intoduce myself in the meantime, I am The Cave Cricket. And where is that third fellow who was here?"

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"Hunh. Guy had some brains after all," Eddie says to no one, a hint of surprise in his voice. He then turns to the rest of the patrons in the diner.


"Everybody allright? Has Pop come around yet?" he asks, as he walks toward where the old man fell, checking the injured man's vitals.

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Why must they always pick the stupid route? the Silver Phantom thinks to himself. In a very non-superhero moment, a thought flashes through the Silver Phantom's mind, I don't have time for this sh-


The Phantom instantly dematerializes so the young woman won't disrupt his aim and Spirit Blasts the stupid hoodlum senseless.


Sighing deeply, the Silver Phantom shakes his head and mutters under his breath, "Kids..."


Rematerializing, he walks towards the stunned hood, pulling a small canister* from a hidden pocket in the rear of his belt. Now that the kid's unconscious, I can take that heater, bind him up with some 'plasm, and leave him for the cops, the Silver Phantom thinks.


* Filled with a sticky adhesive goo that hardens quickly into a solid, durable bond that he has affectionately called Ectoplasm

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"Well its good to meet you," Pulse says sticking out his hand to Cave Cricket. "My name's Pulse and I think you're right about an agenda. I just wish I knew who's agenda it was and how they got into my dreams like that." Pulse takes a careful look over the roof edge in the direction that the silver guy went. "As to who the other guy is I'm not sure but I bet we both find out pretty soon. Let's hope he makes it up here before we need to make ourselves scarce. Vigil City's finest are nothing if not persistant."

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Pops was alive, although in a bit of pain. He managed a groan and a hoarse "I'll live..." as he laid on his back, holding a bag of frozen peas over his injury. A young waitress went up to the kitchen phone and dialed for an ambulance. The patrons began to speak again, and a few of them even walked up to Eddie and thanked him for saving their lives. They shook his hand and nodded at him as they left, but he could tell they were all nervous at the sight of him. He had been stabbed, beaten, and attacked in ways that could have killed and mutilated any normal human being. And there was that part with glowing fist, not a very normal sight either.


Nonetheless, the place was a mess. A shattered window, three broken stools, several shattered plates and glasses makred a estimate of the damamge done, and the floor was layered with shards of broken glass and spilled beverages.





"You monster!!!" screeched the woman at the Phantom.


"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh... my... GOD! I told you to protect me from him, not kill him! I can't believe he's dead!!!" she moaned foolishly, pointing at an unconcious mugger.


While she is babbling ecstaticaly, Phantom knew for sure he didn't kill the hooligan. Phantom's special goo hardened aroung weakly struggling hands, but otherwise the criminal remained still, too weak to move. His gun (a small, .38 snub-nosed revolver), like he said, was pitifully unloaded. Although, as he bound the thug's hands, the Phantom could hear the jingles of loose cartridges in several of the thief's pockets.


"Ohmygod! Why did you do that???" the young lady demanded.



CuCulain & Outkast-


As the two of you share greetings and formal introductions, you suddenlly hear a young woman's shriek.


"You monster!!!"


As Pulse looked over the edge of the building. lo and behold! He spots a frightened damsel in distress watching in horror as the "silver guy" bent down over the body of a young man lying on the alleyway asphalt.

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Clinging stealthly from an alleway firescape, the elfin Cyphershot prepared to scale the walla nd attent the mysterious meeting she had been called to. But just as she moved, she heard a woman's voice voice, from below:


"You monster!" followed by a few mumbles and finally: "... why did you do that???"


She turned to look and... what's this? A silver-clad man crouched over the body of a young man. A few step away, a helpless lady stared in horror, gasping at what had occured.

What travesty had our marksmen-heroine walked into?

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