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Noob Questions.

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Howdy, I bought some Warlord figures and the rule book recently and I have a few questions.


1. How does army building work? It seems like I will field multiple of the same named sergeant (Or other named models for that matter). Is there no generic sergeant that I get to customize (Like +3 points for a great weapon, +12 for a bow, ect…), or are all my dwarf squads led by the exact same sergeant.


2. Is it allowed to switch in reaper legends model so I don’t have to play with 4 identical sergeants?


3. How is the game balance in warlord? Are there factions that usually prevail or lose?


4. Where would you rank the Dwarf and Overlord armies as losers or winners?


5. What are the dwarves and overlords strength and weaknesses?


I am trying to persuade 2-4 other people to pick up this game (as opposed to Warhammer) but the lack of information on the net on basic tactics and strategy on reapers web site is hindering me. There needs to be a section on the website that says “Dwarves: horde army, strong offense, slow, weak defense” so I can get a quick run down on the armies. Also a few battle reports would go a long way to help people learn basic tactics and game play. The same with CAV, I was a little interested, but I can't seem to find a basic rundown of the factions and their style of play. I’ve tried to sift through the tactics forum but I’m just looking for a simple overview of the factions in Warlord & CAV and basic tactics. Unfortunately, no one plays warlord in my area so I can't learn by watching games played in person.


Anyway, any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey there,


While the sergeants are named, they are also non-unique. So my first sergeant is Merdth (I play Elves), the next is whomever. Whether or not you use the same miniature again is really dependant on how seriously you play. For every miniature I play, I have a proper mini. That said, I also have alternates for casual play. Dark Heaven makes for fabulous alternates, IMHO.


There isn't, in general, a way to customize a character as there is in Warhammer. You can't give a guy two hand weapons, or a great weapon, or whatever. You can buy magic items, though, which have a similar effect. Also, every faction has at a few other leader types who are specialists. My elves have a two weapon psycho fighter Sergeant, for example. The dwarfs have a fighter-cleric, a extra-heavily armoured, and an insane leader type in addition to the standard.


The only time you can't play a proxy is in a tourney where the person running won't allow it (generally rare), Origins, GenCon, and ReaperCon. I usually run with a proxy Mossbeard and Seargant, for example. YMMV.


Elves are one of the hardest armies to win with, but are not especially unlikely to lose in experienced hands. They are just fragile enough to not allow many mistakes. It has also been suggested that Crusader's advantages are harder to turn into a win (they have one of the lowest winning percentages in the game, per some people who follow the results). Other than that, most armies seem to be well balanced. I think that the Necropolis are the most readily understood force, along with the Reven (read - Orcs).


Dwarves and Overlords are very compentent armies, by most reports. Dwarves have very expensive Warlords, which doesn't matter for a long time in the game, but a very useful bit of special abilities. They hit hard, work well in teams, and are also fight well alone. That said, they can be slow and outnumbered.


Overlords I don't know nearly so well. By report, good magic ability and fighters. They have among the best human fighters in the game, and some of the hardest ranged attackers to open up, due to some special abilities.


Hope that helps

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As far as factions winning or losing, that isn't so much a factor in this game. All the factions are incredibly balanced, with none gaining the upper hand in competetive play for very long. That isn't to say that they don't have variety, they each play very differently, but none is any "better" than any other. There is also no faction creep. With Warhammer (and 40k too) the newest faction book is always the hottest thing, with each new book replacing the old one as the best army. In warlord the faction books do more to expand their armies, not make them unstoppable.



Dwarves have some very effective melee troops, and my favorite faction ability (OH how I envy the dwarves :blink::blink: ). Their ability is called bane, which cancels out the "tough" special ability that some models have. This basically means that instead of just thumping the other guy with their beat-sticks and hoping that they are dead, dwarves thump 'em, slit their throats, put them in a blender, burn the goo, and then scatter the ashes. They are very efficient killers.



I don't have much experience with overlords, so I'll let some one else praise their attributes. Suffice it to say that they are quite possibly the coolest looking fantasy army ever.




BUt what are you worrying about stumps and o-lords for? If you wanna rock, play REPTUS!!!!!!!!

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1. How does army building work? It seems like I will field multiple of the same named sergeant (Or other named models for that matter). Is there no generic sergeant that I get to customize (Like +3 points for a great weapon, +12 for a bow, ect…), or are all my dwarf squads led by the exact same sergeant.


*** When it comes to using generic equipment from the back of the book, most groups I'm familiar with either don't mess with it or use it very little. I would make sure that your opponents don't care first, then use any generic equipment very sparingly.


2. Is it allowed to switch in reaper legends model so I don’t have to play with 4 identical sergeants?


*** If the leader/elite/solo is not listed as being unique, you can use multiples of them. For the big tournaments (ReaperCon, Origins, GenCon, etc) you must use exact minis. Otherwise, most groups allow reasonable proxies.


3. How is the game balance in warlord? Are there factions that usually prevail or lose?


*** The game balance is pretty darn good. A couple armies, such as the Elves are tricky, but if they are well played they are deadly. The player's skill is usually the biggest factor. (We won't discuss dice......)


4. Where would you rank the Dwarf and Overlord armies as losers or winners?


*** Both of those armies are very tough armies. Each of them have a lot of supporters.


5. What are the dwarves and overlords strength and weaknesses?


*** Dwarves - B-A-N-E What else could they possibly need? How about Freya with a troop or Shield Maidens? Or how about Margara? For solos the Griffin and Thorvald are first class!


Overlords - They have a faction book due out very soon, so this army will have lots of options. Ashkrypt is a real mean spell caster. The Overlord warriors and crossbowmen are pretty impressive, and the solo options are something to fear.


Basic Warlord is pretty easy to learn. I would say to read through the rules and play a couple simple battles. Once you pick up the basics, then you can look for specifics and worry about all the errata. Check out ReaperGames.com and look for other players in your area. You may luck out and find somebody fairly close.


Welcome to the game!



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From the armies I've played/faced, here's my impression:


Dwarves (my army! cheer!) are your offensive specialists. As people have noted, Bane is indeed very nice. Most armies will have a basic grunt that gets fielded alot, and that model typically has tough. So Bane is very good! Advice for playing with dwarves, make use of numbers. Alot of our soldier types are pretty cheap point wise, so use this to your advantage. Invest in Halberdiers since our front line troops, Warriors and Shieldmaidens, both have trencher, which allows them to get the most out of halberds.


Crusaders: clerical nastiness. They've got solid warrior types, poor range, loads of cavalry choices, and plenty of clerics. Since they're the "good" guys, they get the ability to offer mercy to an enemy. Basically this allows them to gain control of a defeated enemy, and take it away from your opponent! Mercy is very good and is a present threat whenever facing Crusaders. Don't let them gang up on your expensive models, or they will be THEIR expensive models before too long!


Razig: These guys can arm every model with a pistol, granting them a limited use ranged attack. However their models are fairly weak in close combat. Engage them fast for best results. They can field cannons which are particularly deadly, but again, the best tactic is to charge in fast and hard instead of trying to hide from the ranged attacks.


Reptus: The defensive specialists of the game. They have abilities that make them hard to take down in a pitched battle, have some exemplary solo models, and have good magic support. This army isn't terribly popular because it hasn't been filled out like the other armies have, but that'll all change eventually, and I predict that the diehard Reptus fans will be well rewarded.


Reven: Gotta give a nod to this army. It fights well. Plenty of options due to the fact that it's a rough federation of orcs and goblins and ogres and giants and beastmen and who knows what all else. I'm not sure what they particularly shine at, but in my "dealings" with the Reven I've found that they get the job done no matter what it is. Perhaps the Reven's strength lies in a mix of versatility and competency.


Necropolis: Strength in numbers. They have a sublist called Crypt Legion that is fairly powerful. I've only fought them once so I don't have alot to say about Necros.


Nefsokar: These guys are pretty dang good with magic! The Nefsokar book is chock full of magical abilities. I haven't faced any of them, but they sound very fun. If I ever become wealthy I think Nefsokar will be my second army, and I'd run a magic-heavy list. That said, their melee options aren't anything to sneeze at. Unless you're alergic to mold that is... they have solid melee options, range isn't terribly spectacular... very neat looking army too, very Egyptian. I don't think anybody would go too far wrong with Nefsokar.


Overlords: Good solid troop options, but their rank and file, the Bondslaves, are weak like none other. But you can field TONS of them! The overwhelming strength of the Overlords are their leaders, solos and elite models. Which makes sense, since they're slavers, so the top dogs are super nasty and the rank and file are... slaves. Good magic, excellent cleric (Balthon... enough said, good game.), exceptional unique warriors.


So let's see, that leaves Elves, Mercinaries, Darkspawn... and I might be forgetting something else.


Since you specifically asked:



Dwarves - solid melee choices across the board, adequate range, our mage and cleric are both good, and our Bear Rider and Griffon models are great. Good leadership in the Sgt. and Cpt. ranks.

Overlords - Good adept soldiery, ability to easily swarm an enemy with cheap grunts, exceptional leadership, exceptional elites, good/great solos.



Dwarves - tend to be slower (comensate by adding a musician), low-ish DV, and our warlords are extremely expensive and difficult to play effectively (most would say they don't play well at all. I tend to say you just have to try VERY hard in order to play them well :P ) Additionally, our Rogues tend to be pretty expensive due to having ranged attacks with the pricy Critical Shot SA. Big point investment for such fragile models.

Overlords - I've yet to find any, haha. If they play bondslaves, they're meat to range and magic, which can really hamper their effectiveness. Their warriors are adepts so you won't see too many of them anymore. Their strength lies in expensive solos, so you may run into issues with being outnumbered if you go down that route and don't use bondslaves.

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