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I can wait but the voices in my head are getting irritated......


thanks again for the ability to grant us with a site.  I hope you and your staff at Reaper think of us as ungrateful for the fun toys and great games and stuff!

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Hey Oberfroschmeister and Shadowwolf,

You did a great job of running those demos. I really liked the set up with the two galleys.

From my questioning and inquiries, Warlord was well received and the some odd dozen of people who I chatted with about "the new games out this summer" Warlord was mentioned a number of times.

Great Job Guys!

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I tried to catch you Lord Bassen, but you were heading out just as I was reliveing Frosch for a shift.


The set up for the Warlrod demos was awesome.  I didn't think it would work at first, but it turned out great!  Word is the Open Beta rules should be available this week.  Perhaps as early as tomorrow.

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You guys are killin' me!


I was standing *right there* and didn't play, thinking I'd download the rules when I got home.


*flops around in a tizzy*


When's the site opening again  :oo:



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