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to pupil or not to pupil


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yah after awile I got thinkin the pupil would look odd coming from a tree, besides with the way the mini was sculpted the pupiless look would be better for him anyways, now if I can just pull off the OSL & such


I'm thinkin maybe green, but I might change that latter, as I'm gonna put some Woodland Scenic moss on him, it whatever ha ha. As the figure is pretty bare as far a foilage & such.


Gonna try & start him tomorrow if I can... he's primed at least, Ha Ha



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ok, finally gonna basecoat this guy tomorrow, but in the meantime anyone have any good ref sites for tree bark, like the knots & areas where the bark has come off & such.


Also areas where the roots are starting to come out of the ground would be nice as well.


all the sites I come up with have tree in winter or "SB+VD 4VR" kinda thing on it.




(also lookin at the fig, I may change the eyes & mouth(now) to a yellow instead, as the green I think would blend in with the foilage I'm gonna add to it, eventually), besides the way his eyes are you can't really even see a pupil anyways, ha ha, he squinting, kinda.


Randy M

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