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Secret Sophie exchange sign up deadline Dec 15th


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Okay, since I'm getting a few people saying 'sign me up' via the boards, I'll go ahead and open this up.


Deadline for signing up is December 15th DEADLINE FOR PAINTING IS MARCH 15th!!!!


Rules. Sorry, but I've got to do it.


1) This is a Reaper mini exchange. I ask that you exchange only reaper minis. Reaper is kind enough to give us this lovely forum, the least we can do is support them by buying their product.

2) Please do your darndest to finish your mini. The person on the other end REALLY wants what you produce. I do understand that real life can make dents in anyones life, so if you do have to pull out, please PM me ASAP to let me know so I can get your recipient covered.

3) It REALLY helps me if you've posted pics of minis you've posted. This helps me place you, mainly in terms of interest. It gives me a guideline for what you like to paint, hence what you might like to recieve.

4) I need a PM letting me know the following information

A) Who you really are. ie, the name your mail comes to

B) Where that mail comes (and where you'd like your mini to arrive)

C)Which exchange you want to participate in. CAV, Warlord, or surprise me! (It would sure help if you could put this in the subject line)

D) Whichever you want to participate in, any details are appreciated. Do you have a Rach force? Do you field Mercs? or is it Crusaders? When we say surprise me, how surprised do you want to be? Do you want to be TOTALLY surprised (as in ANY mini Reaper ever has produced) or would you like something a little more specific (as in golly-gee, I really love them minis with the pointy ears). Also, please let me know any other details like 'I can't abide green' or 'PG minis only'.

E) What are you willing/able to paint?

F) Are you able/willing to ship out of your country of origin?

5) Here's how this works. If you know already, skip it. On or about December 16th, you will recieve a PM which will contain all of the information in number 4 about another painter. At this point, at your convenience, you choose a mini for the person that meets the criteria you were given. You have three months to paint it to the best of your ability. You can be painting your first minis, or be one of the Annes, Dereks, or Marikes of the world. Everyone likes a mini that someone painted special just for them, regardless of the abilities of the person painting for them. Don't be intimidated. Please.

6) MOST IMPORTANT! Don't hesitate to email or PM me with any questions.



As an added twist, I'll post everyone's name, but not which exchange they're participating in. If you have a pressing reason for not wanting me to post your name in the list, let me know and I'll accomodate you.


Oh, a BIG BIG thank you to Herr Oberfroschmeister who is helping me behind the scenes with all of this!!!! He's willing to do the parts I'm not as fond of, so I'm VERY greatful!


Happy painting! The list of people participating follows. This is your confirmation I've recieved your PM.


Last updated 12/11

abigail *

Almathea Toes *

Anastrianna *

Baphomet69 *

cornbread *

Crusoe the Painter *

CuCulain42 *


Dragonpynk *


Faraday77 *

Feanor *

flynn *


GrayHorde *

GreenFairy *



Herr Oberfroschmeister *


Jabberwocky *

JohnLee *

Kannan Fodder *

Lauth81 *

Lawgiver *

LordColdSteal *

mattmcl *

Naveen *

Newt *

Nissiana *

Orchid Noir *

PreFUNk *


Rastl Deeperdown

Rocky *

SaintRigger *

sanael *

Selya *

Shakandara *

Skavenbabe *

slidedog *

Stahler77 *


tzor *

Ultimateer *

Weltrath *

Zinzig *

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Okay, responding to anything right now may take me a while. I just re-started college after my second 5 year break. This time I'm taking more than the recommended amount of credits and working a few hours a week, so it's going to take me a little while to get a schedule down. Also, I might be down for a couple of days on or about the 19th as there will be a new bundle of joy entering my household, yup that's right, we're getting a new computer! The kicker of it all is my hubby is a student with me, so we're both in an odd place right now-odd but good. Just wanted to let you all know that I get my messages, it just takes me a little while to respond....

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