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Secret Sophie exchange sign up deadline Dec 15th


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Okay, the other day I was going through my secret sophie finished PMs and marking my Word document with the people who have sent and received. As I marked things, I erased the PMs, it was a brilliant plan to organize and empty my inbox a little-until I closed the word document without saving!


So, here's what I remember and if you could possibly tell me what I missed, I'd sure appreciate it:


Herr O sent

Crusoe received

Stubbdog received

chicka sent and received

Almathea Toes' mini is in the mail (from a foreign-non US-country hopefully with stamps if the sender could get them)


oh-and since I know who painted for whom, if you sent to someone I have marked as received, I know you sent.

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Newt recieved his on Friday. The mini, Kalrith the black mummy, took second at the Genghis con. Unfortunately I was in such a hurry to get it sent to him that I forgot to take any pics of the done mini. Doh. :wacko:


Slidedog took pics of all the winners, and hopefully sometime soon Heisler will have the pictures posted.

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Not just the winners, I got at least one shot of entry, mutliples of winners. If you can give me a real name or the entry number from Genghis I can post the photo here for you!


Oh, and my exchange mini should be off in the mail this week, just have to do some base work.

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Oh and Rocky, I was the one sitting next to Anne having her rip apart my entries when she gave yo ua critique on this one. Told her to try and make me cry on her critique, she didn't get it done. But at the same time everything she told me was great information and left me inspired to try harder. Thanks to her for coming to Genghis and teaching so much!


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