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Happy birthday Kit

Outkast Samurai

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Well, considering the family blog hasn't been updated in the past couple of days...


and Heidi is due in three days... (yay!!)


and, according to the blog, she was dialated 2 cms a couple of days ago...


there's a good chance little Emy is here. Which would explain the absence of our beloved webmaster.


Here's hoping all goes well!


And have a great birthday, Kitmeister!

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Thanks, all!


No new little girl yet, but we hold out hope.


Let's see: my sister-in-law got a new MacBook, and she let me take the iPod (free with a rebate).


An autographed Alton Brown book. That was really cool.


And I ate at Chipotle! Fear the burrito the size of my head! :ph34r:


Then the kids and I played until bedtime.


So, yeah. Really good day.



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