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Warlord familiars

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Got two sets of the warlord familiars today, along with Fatima. Very nice, Very nice indeed! Can't wait to paint them up. Got a great skin color that will work very well on Fatima, and the familairs...well they are just nifty! Want to paint up the elf hounds. So Reaper Peeps, is there a specific color for these elf hounds? Hmmmm?

Lady Tam

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So Reaper Peeps, is there a specific color for these elf hounds?

I just happened to be able to ask Talin what he envisioned when he conceptualized the elf hound.


Panda Markings.


Yep.  Should look like a svelte raccoon.  Striped tail.


That's for the Tanuki.


For an elf-hound, he says all white with red eyes (and pinky-red for the fleshy bits inside the ear).


I imagine that an elf-hound would also glow from within emanating its internal nobility and light.  hard to do that with paint, though...



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Glad I held off my DH.com order for the 2nd SG mini for now, now I can add some Reaper stuff to the order!!


Can't wait to see those familiars, the greens looked great, Talin's artwork looked killer & from what I can see online the metals look great as well!!


Glad to see the new paints come out too!!


Randy M

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depends on how fast i get them based up and preped! But hopefully soon.

Lady Tam


White with red eye huh?.....

Just shoot the pictures in a dark room with flash... the red eye should show up in the pictures....  :p  :upside:


Okay, all kidding aside, I didn't make it to my FLGS this last weekend (I was working) so maybe I'll take some time off (what's that) this weekend so I can go grab some of the new stuff.

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Though I have not had much of a chance to paint up the little thing ( :down: ), I think they are awesome.  I am thinking that Eredain would benefit from having a Dark Fairie sidekick.  I will try to get both Eridain and the dark fairie done this week and post them for all to see.
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After 3 and a half years I guess I'll finally answer this question...


In the land of taltos Elven Hounds are Grey to Tan color



In Dungeons and Dragons, they have a bit more green in them.




Ding.... 1,000 posts in the oldest warlord thread

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