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Patrick the Pirate Penguin Perched onna Penny

Froggy the Great

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Now that Cutebutpsycho has recieved it...


YARR Squawk!


Patrick the Penguin Pirate is perched proudly on a penny, positioned amidst his victims and pondering loot. He's about 12mm tall from flipper to beak, The hat was made of epoxy putty, as was the hilt of his cutlass. The cutlass blade was hammered out of a safety pin, and I did actually use a blacksmith's anvil in the process. The penguin miniature came from one of the Familiar Packs from Reaper Miniatures. Thanks to the Pirates of R'lyeh faction from Nexus War for the inspiration, though Patrick's too proud to waddle quite so well.


From concept to photograph was about 4 hours.



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