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Emiline Jamilah Pierce


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7lbs 7oz (about 3.4 kg for you non-yanks), 19.5 inches.


Arrived 5:19 this morning, 8/30/06. Born at a birth center under the care of a midwife, we spent three hours in labor, two hours in observation, and we were home by 8 AM. Everyone's resting and recovering comfortably.


Ten minutes old



Solo Portrait



I love you guys, but my house rules apply for the time being: if you're bleeding or broke something that will cause you to bleed, fine, but otherwise I don't want to hear about it. :;):



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From oldest to youngest, Kit's family is:


Christopher - boy

Moira - girl

Bennett - boy

Emiline - girl



I'm going to throw my hat into the ring and say the next one will be a boy. ^_^


Congrats, Kit and Heidi and Critter and Mo and Ben. She's been well worth the wait. I'm so glad everything went well this time around.


Happy Birthday, Emy. Glad you're finally here for us to see.


Ary - a frequent reader of Kit's Family Blog.

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Congratulations to the entire Pierce family on the arrival of your new daughter/little sister. I'm so happy to hear everything went well and the family is already home and relaxing.


She came a few days later, but that's one hell of a sweet birthday present Kit. ^_^

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