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Why I will not be painting for awhile.


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On the bright side, had it been pirates, you'd have a hook instead of a splint. :ph34r:


Seriously, though -- I hope it heals up quickly and completely. It may take a while to get the tendons all nice and flexy (I think it took about 2 years when I cut one in my hand?), but I'll be mighty ticked off if you don't get back up to painting speed as soon as possible! So heal, heal like... something that heals fast. Yeah.


Then find where those ninjas live, and let the CAV guys know. That'll learn 'em.

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seems like the same guys who got a hold of me some 20 years ago (yes i'm old. . .). Cut all three flexor tendons in my right wrist, but your split lookk a lot better than the thing i had back then (two halves of plaster held together with an ace bandage).


stupid :ph34r: 's !

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I cut my left index finger, right at the top knuckle a few years back. I never did anything about it, but now it sort of "tingles" from time to time. I didn't see any ninjas, but it might have been a result of the mythical number Thr33. ::D:


(obscure ninja reference)


Hope it heals up nicely! Certainly looks painful!





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