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how long between coats of sealer?


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Hello, I've never sealed my miniatures, but not that they're going to get some tabletop play (Thanks Warlord! :bday: ), I need them sealed.


Here's what I did, I have a test guy, I sprayed him with testor's gloss coat (for some reason, I heard that gloss coats are tougher than matte coats). He looks good, but shiney. So now, I have some GW Matte Varnish (in the aresol can) so I was going to spray the mini with it to bring down the gloss. How long do I need to wait between spraying the different coats? And is doing gloss really that muh better than doing a few coats of matte?


Also, how many coats do you think I need? I'll post pictures of my results when I get my first batch done.




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I've been using Krylon UV Resistant Gloss and Matte for my sealers. Normally, I leave at least 15 minutes between the gloss and the matte coats, and up to a couple of hours. The 15 minutes seems to work pretty well with those sealers, but the drying time probably depends on the sealer.


The Krylon can says 15 minutes to "dry" and 2 hrs to handle.


Gloss is apparently much stronger than matte. I use 1 of gloss and 1 of matte, and that seems to work just fine, though probably would be better if I did 2 gloss and 1 matte.



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I always go with one coat of UV Resistant Clear Gloss and let it dry about 24 hours, then hit it with one coat of Citadel matte. Depending on how well the first coat "flattens out" the gloss, I might put on one more coat of matte sealer after 30 to 45 mins. Definitely let the mini cure another 24 hrs. before any handling after all of your sealing. Seems to work pretty well against chips (unless you're a dolt like me and drop the mini on your stucco balcony. :lol: ).

In an effort to save a few dollars, I've tried the matte varnishes you can get at craft stores, but they all come out with a satin sheen, so it's back to Citadel for me.

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