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The Big Tease is Back!


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And There's just 2 close-up shots of Barros and Tempest - the Paladin on Pegasus! Why? Because the figure is a Pegasus in flight, with a paladin on it. And to get the whole thing in one shot, we'd lose all the gorgeous detail work that Sandy did on the barding and shield! So you guys will have to use your imaginations as to what the whole thing looks like! :devil:


Also, there's a variety of stuff from a lot of people, including a Jason Wiebe Bard, a Matt Gubser Undead Hunter, and 3 new Werner Klocke pieces, including a Bathalian Pirate, and 2 lovley Warlord girls - both for the Forthcoming Sisters of the Blade sublist in the Mercenary army!


I've also added a handful of new whites to the gallery, including 2 more September release CAvs - the Available-for-the-first-time Dingo Tank, and the True-Scale Fenri!


Wow! That's a lot of Exclamation marks! I must be having a good Day!


Happy Friday, and the first person to ask when the Bthalian Pirate is coming out gets to have been the first person to ask!

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Olivia is the best female priest ever! Now you guys have to have Werner convert her slightly to be a DHL mini too, and you're all set.


Kassandra with a K is also very nice. She looks mean.


Hope these beauties coming out soon. I want them yesterday.

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Wow, wow, just wow!!


love the 2 new Werner females and all the rest too...


and Bryan, one more thing, when is the Bthalian Pirate is coming out? :poke: It would be a great fig for the exodus road pirate contest. Too bad the contest ends Sept 19...ARRR!


I'll echo the question about the deva/angel release date...when?


nice stuff, oh great and wonderful Reaper sculpters! Thanks for the piccies too Bryan!

debby ^_^

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That Dingo is sweet. How big is it?

How long are the Fenri wings in relation to the length of the thing? The body looks awfully heavy for a plane with what looks like short stubby wings... could we get a top-down or head-on shot?


The Warlord figs are fairly cool... but this "looking down and to the left" is getting kinda old. :upside:


Looking at the mounted pegasus... my guess is that it's going to be integral partial mount plus partial rider. It's the bit of green on the brownstuff saddle, right next to the leg, that makes me think that. Also, you can see the blue stuff in his right arm, so we know that's a separate piece. (Looks like a good placement of the break, with enough metal on the arm to drill into to keep that assembly from being a pain.) Shield, wings and maybe a few other additional pieces, too, from the looks of it. At least, I hope the shield is separate; some parts are gonna be a pain to paint otherwise.

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Love the new Figures. I would like to see more like the Ranger but with ONE weapon. Shields and extra weapons can always be added. Cutting off unwanted equipment is difficult. I realize many figures are made to be a specific Game Characters...but give some of us poor D&Ders a shot at some good minis too! It's such a let down to find the perfect mini then realize that one can do nothing with it. End the two weapon menace!!


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