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Reaper of War

Painting Raven

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Hey there everyone,

Just thought I would share pics of my winning Masterclass entry for this year's Tacticon, here in Denver. Surprisingly, it took 1st Place! So, here it is.



Thanks in advance for any comments! :B):


Hey, from one Coloradoan to another...that's a great looking mini. Ach, the poor elf...cut clean in two! The green gems on the warrior look really good. I like how you put broken weapons around the base of the warrior. Very nice.

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Excellent! I can't pick out one thing I like best about it because it is all done so well. The colors seems a bit bright, but that's a personal preference.


I've had this guy sitting on my shelf-o-shame primed and ready to go for quite some time now, but can't decide on how. I want to do a darker palette, just can't make up my mind. Then those CAV pilots start yelling at me that their rides need painted...

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