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My 1st Win


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So last Friday I won my first game of Warlord.

I played 1000 vs. 1000 points against Dwarves.


I won. :bday::bday:

And that never hapens.


Then On Saturday I played vs Dwarves and Darkspawn. The decission was I won vs. the Darkspawn and got my behind whooped by the Dwarves. :huh:::D:


That means I've Won 2 whole games!!! ::D:::D:


Well the 2nd one finally got ok'd on ReaperGames (still waiting on the 1st), so now the whole world can know:


::D: I'm not a total looser!!! ::D:







dork, yes...looser, no ::P:

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Well our Campaign just started so hopefully we'll be adding a few more games to the Redstones, and maybe I'll even win some more.



I've got Goblins to my left and Dwarves between me and the Darkspawn. And on the other side of the Gobbos are the Reptus (or as we like to call them lean mean campaign winning machines).

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