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Dwarf Shieldmaidens 14175


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Here are the three Dwarf Shieldmaidens (Warlord figures) that I recently painted.






I sculpted them last summer, starting at ReaperCon, and Cheryl (ladystorm) gave me advice and encouragement along the way. She asked for a helmet on one, for example, so I added it. :;):


The painted figures were commissioned for her birthday (yesterday), as a gift from her very thoughtful husband. ::):


Paints were all Reaper Master Series. The colors were inspired by a painting in the "Art of Star Wars Episode II" book.


The shields and weapons are cast as separate pieces, allowing some variation within a unit, so I sculpted straps and handles after I attached the shields.


Ladystorm said she likes them a lot. Hope you do too.



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