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MMSI Chicago Show - Annual Miniatures Show


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Updated this post to be more...generic for MMSI. 9/9/08


Hey Folks!


The MMSI Chicago Show is the "Military Miniatures Society of Illinois" premiere show for people all over the world who paint miniatures. They are very welcoming to miniatures from all realms and genres, so please feel free to check it out and enter! Or just visit and see the wonderful displays--this is the show that just blows my mind with what these artists can do.


This show is not a competition, but a judged exhibition. There are no first second thirds...but you are judged based on level of skill. Basically you compete against yourself and not anyone else. They give out however many golds, silvers, bronzes and certificates as are needed. And you don't just need to enter one piece, you display your work in groups. It's a wonderful presentation of painted miniatures!


There is a vendors area as well, mostly focused on historicals and military genres, but there are plenty of tools and supplies that cross over.


It is a fun relaxed show--these are painters, sculptors and artists, not many wargamers really. Some of us have taken silvers and a gold or two in the Painters Division. :B):


So here's the details:


MMSI Chicago Show

Military Miniatures Society of Illinois


Chicago Marriott - Schaumburg


www.mmsichicago.com - check out the pictures and info!


Open to the public Saturday 9am-5pm: $7 Admission, Children under 12 free


Exhibitors (entries) Fees are $20 for non members, all entries must be on display by Noon Saturday.


Any questions, ask Noel (Skya), George ( eastman), or me - PaintMinion


See you at the Show!

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Are you sure it's the 20th? I looked at this site and it says the 10th through the 12th. I'd like to try to come too....




Amy, there appears to be a combination of threadomancy and a lack of a 2008 MMSI-Chicago topic.


This year, the show is indeed October 10-12. I hope you can make it to the show.


Another thing - this year they have done a realignment of the "Advanced Level" of the exhibition. In the past, Advanced was broken down into Painters, Open and Ordnance. This year, the categories are Historical, Fantasy and Ordnance. Each of those has both a Painters and an Open division.

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Yes, apparently Amy is replying to a 2006 post....?


At this time, both Anne and Jennifer have dropped out. As far as I know it's just me, Noel(skya) and George (eastman), with possibly a few other gamer/painters like Dave Pauwels and Joe Orteza.




ps - threadomancy...a new phrase coined by eastman?!

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