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Got the new one today

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Just picked up Marcus Gideon, the Ogre w/ Polearm, the Chaos Spawn, and the Warlord Weapons pack today, And just got them based and primed here's my take:


Ogre w/ Polearm-Way cool big bruiser.  And a better all around figure than the 1st Ogre mini, though they do share a similar bottom half (yeah, he's wearing a thong underneath that armor, this one, like his brother didn't have the decency to cover his bum.  Eh, Ogre's...whatcha gon' do?)  First of all:  no, the tab didn't fit well into the base.  The slot was too wide.  No biggie, just a slight twist of the tab and some zap-a-gap later and he was sittin pretty (?!)  in his wonderful pre-sculpted base.  Only thing left to do was attach the polearm. The alignment of the hands to the arms (no need for pinning, the sockets on the hands are deep, and accomadate the 'pins' extending from the arms quite snugly) was a tad off. Again, no problem, just an ever-so-slight bend of the right arm, and the ogre was armed.  There was only a minimal amount of cleaning and filing to do on the big guy.  Overall, quite pleasant to work with.


The Chaos Spawn- A truely nightmarish looking beasty.  And a bit of a nightmare as far as cleaning flash and filing mold-lines goes.  His two spindly pseudo-pods  underneath his big arms also had to be clipped free of some extraenous metal. But once they were free, I was able to bend it's limbs too and fro to create an even more menacing pose.  Wicked-slick!  Dosen't fit well into the base, but there's lots of room beneath the mini to apply glue and then add puddy if you've got saftey issues as far as his stability is concerned.


The Weapon Pack-  You haven't seen any of these on any Warlord mini's yet.  And they're a bitz-box keepers wet-dream come true!  If you like over-the-top weapons, step on up to this. Buy two!  I did.  My favorite is the 'spine-bow'...hehehe..


Marcus Gideon- Saving the best for last here.  Wow, what an easy to work with mini!  Fit quite snug, and flush, into it's base.  Almost no mold lines to clean (and even the small amount ther was only took a pass and a half with a file to get rid of)  The mini looks great from the front, as we've seen in another post showcasing Vaitalla's awesome paint job. But the rear of the mini has just as much, if not more personality.  There's undead hunting gear a-plenty, and his helmet also rest securly on his belt as well.  But the real kicker, that I never woulda expected in a million years was what else he has on said belt:  Severed zombie heads.  


RAPTURE! That's the coolest little touch I've seen on such a knightly, paladin-lookin figure ever.  In fact, as soon as he's painted up, he's going to represent my paladin in the D&D game I play in.  He's basically how I've always envisioned my character.  And I'll be blessing Reaper for making this mini until the day I die.  Best. Paladin. Figure. Ever.



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Today I picked up Undead Hunter-14055, this is a great mini and perfect as the nemesis for the vampires and other undead in the Reaper Line.  I haven't been inspired to paint in awhile because it's so very HOT in Texas right now.  Just laying around and typing on the PC after work is tough.  This fellow has me ready to break out the paints again!
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love the weapons pack, so many different wonderful pieces in that.  I have a second ordered already, before I even left teh store last night.


the chaos spawn does have a lot of flash but he's going to be such fun to paint.  I wonder what the PTB invisioned him looking like.....




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