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Necropolis - Crimson Knights


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Ahh, my mistake. Here I was using common sense and logic in thinking that looting a corpse meant you, well, LOOTED a corpse.


That was a mistake. Never try to apply "common sense" from the real world on game mechanics. It never works. The rule does not have to be justified by real world examples as long as it makes sense in game mechanics. You can only loot something once and that is all there is to it. I say this as a Necropolis player so I am not biased.


The Nefsokar actually have a bit of an advantage because of "Crossing Death's River" in a tournament. If you move your troops in two waves during a tournament you can teleport the casualties into the back of the line and the active models into the front lines. That way your opponent has to go through your entire army to loot your casualties. :poke:

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