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5-hour painting challenge

Froggy the Great

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Who would be up for another 5-hour miniature challenge? We all agree on one miniature, one block of 5 hours, and we all paint the same miniature at the same time, or as close as we can make it.


I'd like to suggest the 18th of November, Noon through 5pm, your local time. Who's with me?


If you are, please respond with the following:


-Whether that time will work for you

-What new untried technique you're going to try

-Two or three suggestions for a miniature to paint (commentary on other suggestions is fine)


I'll start out:


-NMM with actual non-metalics


My suggestions:

3082: Ingrid Sparklestone

3061: Anushka

14212: Lady Kristiana (squire optional)

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Top Posters In This Topic

I would like to do this


1. November 18th Noon to 5 works for me, although I guess I would start at 10am just to be on the same time as you.


2. New technique would be up in the air right now.


3. Frosch Suggestions

3082: Ingrid Sparklestone - I could live with this one

3061: Anushka - No

14212: Lady Kristiana (squire optional) - This one is good for me


My suggestions

3054 Therese

3080 Anwyn

3098 Astrid

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You don't /have/ to do anything, and if you want to paint a different miniature I won't stop you. It'd be nice if we all could paint the same one though.


Feel free to suggest a mini or three that you own already.


Also, filing, prepping, converting, and priming can be done before the 5-hour block without violating the spirit of it all.

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November 18th? Why yes, that sounds fun!


Suggestions for minis:

A bard type? One of the new female Klocke minis or any new ones that may come out in the future might be fun

That new Klocke cleric lady (in the greens right now-assuming she's out in time)?

Maybe a pirate (AARGH!) I'm in a piratey mood right now....


I also like Ingrid and Kristianna. Anushka, while interesting, is not on my current MUST paint list. I do have her though.....


Things for me to try:

Maybe if it has fire I can do my first painting of fire?

Try for a more monochromatic paint scheme?




The possibilities are endless!

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This sounds like something neat I would be interested in. I think it would be cool for everyone to do the same figure as it would be neat to see everyone's varied take on the same sculpt, but this may be hard if you have to choose a new technique to try, as I doubt everyone could find one fig to agree on for thier choice.


I think my three choices would be spectre, anwyn or sharyn. I would like to try out some freehand, and the time sounds fine.

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the interest is there, but as slow as I paint, I would be lucky just doing base coating or so in that amount of time, not enough time to do things like NMM and such for me...




That and by the time Nov 18th comes rolling around, I am sure my opinion as to which mini I would want to paint will have changed about 5 times with each new release...


But, in the event that I do participate, for grins, what are you proposing? People take pictures and post them of their primed minis, then every couple of hours post updates? Or just a beginning and 5 hours later? Or not at all?


Maybe get everyone on a skype video conference or the like?

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This isn't a draconian "Thou Shalt Bloody Well Sigh Up Or The Ninjas Will Get You", it's just an informal "everyone try to paint the same thing in 5 hours at roughly the same time". Sure, join two days before it starts. Sure, paint a different mini if you gotta. It's all good.


From the votes I've seen so far, it looks like Lady Kristianna is the most likely choice for mini.

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I would love to join in, I need to work on speed and NMM... wait can you do both? :unsure:


But I'll be at GenCon SoCal. I wish everyone the best of luck and I'll love to see what everybody comes up with.


November 18th weekend is not good for me either, though I would like to join. I think I might join in on a different day than everyone else. If the miniature pick is something easy I might even try to force a brush into Debby's hand. November 12th would be better for me, Sundays are easier to arrange. Or I could do it a week after everyone else over TG Sunday.

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