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Asylum Order Thanks!

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Just wanted to say thanks for the extra goodies (long strip of MSP sample pots, and a full extra MSP color!), and the fast shipment of the order!


Thanks very much! :wub:


Hey, you're welcome!


H e y . . . .

S e e n t h e T o p i c. . . .

F r e e S t u f f , they gave sample paint to me.

I'd join BlackLightin' but not enought free time,

but desimate the faction's I would.

Sent two 50 - 100 $ dollar $ order's and got luck strick on my side. . . .



Um... yeah.

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When you say fast shipping, how fast do you guys mean? Could you tell me in days?


A few years ago I started buying Reaper stuff from a 3rd party online, just because their shipping was so much faster. If this has changed then I'd like to know as I'd like to go back to ordering stuff directly.


Of course if all goes well I'll be joining BL in a few months, so it'll all be moot anyway... :D :D

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We ship UPS in the US, and UPS WorldShip Internationally. We fill orders in the next business day following placement, and we ship when we fill the orders. For Domestic deliveries, you can expect your package in 3-5 business days, in most cases. For International deliveries you can expect your package in 2-3 weeks, in most cases.

Note: UPS ships Monday - Friday only.

For instance: If you select two-day deleivery for an order placed on Thursday, we will fill it on Friday, and UPS will get it to you the following Tuesday off the next week.

Please keep this in mind when selecting your shipping options.

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