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Cthulu and Cthulu baby and some other monsters


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I like the green on 'thulu


nice work on that


also like the glow of the yellows in the pumpkin


(having checked the links, gonna do that now)


great job!!!






just checked the links, great job on Dantrall, I love this mini anyways & I like how you did him up. Also eventually gonna get the Ogre Magi from CW so that is nice to see that painted up as well, nice work on that


the others are great as well, awesome job!!

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The badger's smile is way cool... love that.

The evil doll.. yeh... that thing is creepy.

The white witch... I LOVE HER! What mini is that! I so have to get that.

Dantrag... the NMM is fantastic. You are getting so way good!

The oger magi... that face! Not even a mother could love that guy.

All of your skin tones are so good. i would so love to sit down with you and watch what you do for a few hours. Fantastic work! Amazing!

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I agree on the badger, I google my animals before I paint them so I can get a good realistic look on this one I noticed that his snote was a bit to broad and so the markings and didnt end up looking as good. I didnt really notice it until I got the markings on it.


I have played cthulu I couple of times very cool game ofcourse I ended up a vegetable more than a couple of times due to failed insanity roles. ::(:


The white witch is a Cool mini or not mini I got it 2 years ago meaning to paint it for halloween and I finally managed to paint it. ::P:

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