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Let's just say that Aysa is my personal tormentor, a model I have come to hate :angry: , and I don't use the word often. So how do you beat her and all the minions she can summon?


Easy you say, but think again.


Option 1: Bring archers. Sure seems like a good idea, but to have a chance at hitting her you have to deploy them at the front edge of you deployment zone (not the place you want your archers, especially if your opponent gets iniative). Even with archers you going to need to volley to do this to even stand a chance a being in range which only allows one attack roll against her. Sure she has a low DV of 8, but put her in cover and add some equipment (GMA and IP) and her DV goes to 10, 11 against ranged attacks and put her behind cover and she is a 12 or 13. Option 1. . . . ::P:


Option 2: Bring a flyer or other fast model. Sure deploy the flyer at the front edge of the DZ, ranger it up (if you have the ability) and pray your opponents archers/casters miss. Even with this option you aren't going to get to her on the first round and by the time you get there your going to be on your not going to be in any shape to hurt her. Cavalry will just get cut-off by the Deathriders. . .burrowers, have a chance but only 3 armies have those (Nefsokar, Darkspawn, and Necropolis). Option 2 . . . . ::P:


Option 3: Teleport your melee monster in. . .but this only works if you have a level 3 cleric (Overlords, Crusaders, Mercs (lupine shaman), Nefosokar, Reven). Option 3 . . . . ::P:


Option 4: Bring along your own evel cleric and hope that after your opponent uses their bind souls you can use them yourself to cast your own spectral minions. . .but this one only works for the evil factions and the reven with their evil cleric. Option 4 . . . ::P:



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Well it would depend apon your army. If you have a lv3 cleric that's probably your best option. If not have a sheild wall in front of your archers 1st move the sheild up at an angel so that there out of the way but still moving forword, move you archers forward, shoot, form the sheild wall again. When I versed her she was put in the corner of the bourd behind a large rock. so the archers weren't an option. Instead i ran 4 clutchlings and 5 rangers with a musition up.


sadly it didn't work that time as he got the first activation next round and closed the 2-3" gap... but it was good in theory.

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Who needs luck when you can buy bond souls for 2 points each, at that cost, why bother with Skeletons. Seriously, Aysa, and 2-3+ Railors loaded with Bond Souls and you can roll mediocre and skill get a ton of Spectral Minions.


I have an intense dislike for Aysa, and while I own her, I doubt I will ever field her, I just couldn't stomach using her against anyone.


As for dealing with her, you need fast models or flyers to really make a play for her in my opinion. I think she is probably fairly easy to defeat if you know you are going up against her. She is alot harder to deal with when you sit down for a game and didn't bring a list that had dealing with her (or another model that can sit back and still hurt you) in mind.


A few Options:

Speed spells, or Teleports can get you to her quickly.


Non-Corporeal models: The Dust Devil looks ideal for going after her, and a Banshee might work well with it's Ranger move. Deathriders would probably be exceptional as well. The best part about non-corporeal models going against Aysa is that non-coproreal models can pass through undead models, meaning you can move through any models that Aysa's player sets up to block your way to her. Wraiths might also make a decent choice, and Nivar would likely be quite good at hunting her down as well.


Flyers: Probably an instance where those rarely used flyers like Crypt bats Gargoyles and Harpies might really come in handy. You wouldn't need very many of them, it isn't as if Aysa is the least bit hard to kill. Any flyer with decent movement (8+) will get you there fast.


Fast movers: Cavalry models, possibly Runners combined with a Fireball or even the Breaker ability to punch a hole through the units your opponent puts in your way to block you from getting to Aysa.


I would juist try to work these sorts of things into a few builds, in such a way they prove useful in any game you play in, so that if Aysa isn't brought along you havn't wasted all these points trying to counter her.

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