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Offical "trogdor the burninator" online petition


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If any of you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer last night --- Giles, Andrew, Xander and one of the potentials were playing a very D&D looking game, complete with miniatures!


Why is this important to *this* thread?


They were fighting "Trogdor the Burninator" !



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okay, trogdor makes me laugh my head off, but  i wouldn't buy a mini of him.


that's just me.


so i thought, how could reaper find a good market for such an obviously "in" joke?


Then i went to one of my favorite restaurants here in Portland, OR. People draw & color on the menus there all the time, it's not just tolerated, it's encouraged. So ANYWAY... the friend i'm with opens her menu & right there in the center is a PERFECTLY RENDERED TROGDOR THE BURNINATOR.


is that weird or what?


is strongbad's creator here in portland? or is there just a wonderful artist w/ too much time on his/her/hir hands lurkin' at my favorite restaurant?


or MAYBE... is there more of a market for this mini than i ever dreamed possible?


who knows? but now i think a mini is a lot less crazy than i thought at one point...

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I'll sign this petition if they do him in the three stage mini...


Trogdor the man


Trogdor half man half dragon


and Trogdor the Burninator


Now THAT would rock..





Add the hut and a couple of burning peasants....

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